Two of Cups Love Meaning

two of cups love meaning

The Two of Cups is the embodiment of love in a tarot deck. When it comes to a love reading, pulling this card is a very good sign. 

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Every tarot card is rich in interpretation, but the Two of Cups is quite transparent when it comes to matters of the heart. This tarot card in a love reading suggests a strong, balanced spiritual connection between you and your partner or potential partner. 

Typically, the Two of Cups is a positive sign for relationships, but in reversed contexts, it can represent breakups, resentment, and codependency. Below, we will explore in detail how to interpret the Two of Cups in the context of a love tarot reading.

Two of Cups Key Facts

Upright Meaning: Union, partnership, romance, harmony, mutual attraction, balance, meeting someone, spiritual love, intimacy

Reversed Meaning: Break up, distrust, rejection, disharmony, tension, withdrawal, a co-dependent connection

Yes or No: Yes

Element: Water

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Planet: Venus

Two of Cups Description

Depicted in the two of cups is a man and woman facing one another holding chalices in what appears to be a ceremony. The man is reaching out to the woman, gently touching the hand that is holding her cup. They are both wearing wreaths on their head which symbolize success. The lion above their heads represents passion. 

Two of Cups Love Meaning

The two of cups is a positive card in a love reading. It can symbolize mutual attraction between two people and a harmonious partnership emerging. The card suggests that the relationship will be strong; the two of you will be able to learn from one another and grow together. True love and affection make up this connection and it is built to last because there’s a strong foundation of friendship.

If you have just met someone, this card can signify that you may enter a relationship with the person you are inquiring about. The relationship will be balanced and harmonious. 

If you are already in a relationship, the two of cups suggests that you may take your relationship to the next level. Engagement and marriage are also indicated by the ceremonial feel of the card.

If you are single, the two of cups can mean that you may be just about to meet someone special. They might ask you out on a date or the two of you go out for drinks together. 

Another interpretation of the two of cups is reconciliation after an argument or a breakup. If you are asking about a previous partner, the two of cups can imply their return and a reunion in love.

Reversed Two of Cups Meaning

In the reversed position, the two of cups can signify a breakup or a falling out of some kind. The connection has become imbalanced.

If you are in a relationship, you may be experiencing more disputes with your partner as issues that were once overlooked now bubble to the surface. The forces that brought you together are wavering and there is an unhealthy power dynamic at play. 

You may find that are stuck in a cycle of resentment and bitterness. Another interpretation is that you are no longer empowering one another to be better versions of yourselves. You have both slipped into codependent patterns.

In situations where you are single, the two of cups can imply a need to be alone and cultivate more self-love within. You may have a tendency to pursue romantic connections over your own well-being.

Two of Cups as Feelings

Being the suit of cups which pertains to emotions, the two of cups speaks of a love that runs deep.

If you are wondering how someone feels about you and the two of cups appears, this could mean that they are very attracted to you, and they may even be falling in love. The may see you as the right partner for them and could be thinking about long-term commitment with you.

The person in question most likely feels a spiritual bond to you and they may be working hard behind the scenes to create more space for the connection to flourish. They may feel that they see your soul, or you see theirs in a profound way.

If you are asking about an ex, the two of cups could mean they are thinking about reaching out to you to rekindle the connection. They may be harboring deep feelings toward you. 

When reading the tarot, consider the surrounding cards in your spread to gain a deeper understanding of the messages they are trying to convey to you. You may wish to write your interpretations down or record them so you can refer back to them later.

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