A Guide to Uranus in Scorpio

uranus in scorpio

Your birth chart maps the placement of the planets and luminaries at the exact time of your birth. It forms a blueprint of your soul and can help you gain deeper insight into your personality traits, strengths, and triggers.  

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Is your natal Uranus in Scorpio? The placement of Uranus in your chart in one of the signs of the zodiac will help you discover how you respond to sudden changes and upheavals in your world. This planet is known as the “awakener”. Learn more about Uranus in the fixed, water sign of Scorpio.

Uranus in Scorpio Key Facts

Positive Traits: Strong-Willed, intuitive, loyal, persistent, innovative, affectionate, creative

Negative Traits: Manipulative, jealous, possessive, controlling, grudgeful 

Element: Water

Quality: Fixed

Celebrities With Uranus in Scorpio: Shakira, Tiger Woods, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Heath Ledger, Edgar Allan Poe, Natalie Portman

Uranus in Scorpio Personality Traits

The zodiac sign of Scorpio, like the other water signs Pisces and Cancer, is an intuitive soul with deep empathy. Those born with Uranus in Scorpio are a force to be reckoned with. They are forward-thinking individuals who have the power to transform the way people interact with one another, uncover mysteries about the world, and share those findings with others. Innovative and social, the Uranus in Scorpio is often the instigator of change. They are enthusiastic about the world, so they don’t seem too perturbed by sudden upheavals, welcoming change with open arms.

Uranus in Scorpio Strengths

Scorpio Uranus people are both innovative and determined. These strengths allow them to come up with great ideas and act on them – they tend to go far in life and may end up famous because they stop at nothing once they have set their mind to something. They are willing to take risks to get to where they need to be, and their empathic ability helps them navigate their path and follow hunches. 

Persistent, secretive, and detail-oriented, Uranus in Scorpio may surprise others with their success. They tend to work in private to get where they want and are unwilling to share their plans until they are well underway.

You can rely on a Scorpio Uranus placement to spice things up. Their ideas, supported by their boldness, mean that they don’t follow social norms and regulations. They are here to break them. 

Because they are so intense, they can make dynamic lovers. More than other zodiac signs, Scorpios are known for indulging in pleasure and often have very sexual relationships. They would suit partners who are adventurous and passionate in bed – Gemini, Taurus, and Leo are a great match for them in the bedroom. Once you have won the heart of this Uranus sign, you can guarantee they will stay loyal to you and remain affectionate. 

Uranus in Scorpio Struggles

The dark side of Uranus in Scorpio is their need for control. They do not like feeling dominated or restricted and may lash out if others try to exercise control over them. They desire the last word in arguments and won’t back down from competition. This can lead them to victory, but it can also mean they upset others. They will not hesitate, and they will not back down and this can sometimes lead to their downfall.

Scorpio is an emotionally intense sign. If they bottle this up, this can be explosive. It is common for them to have pent-up aggression that they can release without any semblance of control. This makes a Uranus in Scorpio placement a very complicated lover.

Uranus in Scorpio can get swept up in a relationship quickly. They can just as soon abandon it if they feel bored or caged. Freedom is important to Uranus in Scorpio – they never want to feel owned or controlled. Most of these placements are afraid of their darkness – their possessiveness, jealousy, and hunger to be in control, which means they may try to avoid relationships altogether. They have strong sexual impulses that they can act on and think about later, making it problematic if they develop feelings for someone outside of their monogamous relationship.
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