Where There’s Love, There is No Fear

romantic couple in nature

by Dianne Evangelista

Valentine’s Day blooms the season of love! It makes us think of pretty greeting cards, roses and sparkling diamonds. But love doesn’t call for any particular season. Sure, it can represent valentines, romance and marriage proposals and that is always beautiful. But love is really a way of life. It’s a way of being! It’s the path to God and spirituality.

There’s really only two ways to live life. One way is in love and the other in fear. All negative states of consciousness actually stem from fear in one way or another. Guilt, jealousy, hate, anger, regret and self-limitation are some prime examples. We all have to deal with our own fears in life. But when love wins over our reality and we learn to surrender our fears, then our lives truly blossom and become fulfilling. Life begins to flow and become magically synchronistic. Everything starts to fall into place and life lights up around us bringing inner peace and happiness.

Spreading love inspires and lifts everyone we come in contact with. It transforms all negative energy in our path. It breaks through all negative thoughts and actions. Love truly is the strongest energy in the universe. It’s creative, healing and enlightening. Every religion and spiritual leader has taught this power called love because it’s the secret of our existence.

Let’s all transform our reality with love and discover that secret. Let’s heal the world with love and create heaven on earth. It can happen and it is possible! ?


About the Author:

Dianne has experienced the “Out of the Norm” since early childhood. Seeing energy auras, spirits from the next dimension and even ET visitors. Spirit communication has been a major focus of research and personal experience throughout her life. This connection to the spirit world was handed down from her mother who had similar experiences as well. The sense of “Knowing” is how Dianne gives Intuitive Readings on Keen, where she assists people through difficult times.

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