6 Steps to Manifest a Memorable Year

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by Psychic Advisor: Astro Wing

The new year is all about fresh energy and the opportunity to use new tools to make goals a reality. Reconnecting to ideas in a new way with true commitment make energy flow and can bring amazing change. Here are several approaches to rejuvenate your life energy and help it flow in the direction of your dreams. These simple steps completed in a hearfelt and consistent way will also help you let go of negativity accumulated along your life journey. Remember, just like exercise, you need strong commitment to achieve maximum results!

Keep a Nightly Journal

I find this to be a very helpful way to express yourself, identify goals and aspirations and manifest energies…sometimes energies you may not even be aware of. You may uncover feelings that are in deep and hidden corners of your psyche. If you journal consistently (and that is the challenge), you may find spirit talking to you as your mind disengages and your soul whispers to you. Spirit guides talk to you. Passions, inspiration and answers can all come to you by sitting down and turning your thoughts and impressions into physical expressions of your feelings, activities and personal interactions each day. Flashes of intuition often come through as well. I recommend you journal at night around the same time daily, making it easier for spirit to  connect with you. As you stick with this program you will find that spirit will be present and even expecting you to arrive!


A short mantra helps keep your mind focused and eliminates negative mental distraction. Sometimes as we are trying to move forward, for example letting go of a past love relationship, the mind keeps reintroducing the past in an attempt to pull you back to that uncomfortable “comfort” zone. A mantra trains your mind to focus forward and stop the negative thoughts in their tracks. Speak the mantra aloud, then engage in activity that is requires no thought….walk, paint, sing, dance! Soon it will become a habit when you repeat the mantra. It’s like going to the gym for your mind.

This one or two-word mantra is your mental personal trainer, a way to get your focus back. The mind often introduces negativity, fear and doubts. When you feel yourself wandering into that loop from the past, use the mantra. Mine is “BEAUTY.”


Affirmations or positive statements based in current time train your mind to head in the direction of your goal. Your soul hears words but does not distinguish between reality and possibility. So, we want to tell our soul and our mind in the form of an affirmation what we want in life as if it has arrived.  Design one that is in sync with your life goal. Choose what is most important. As Confucius said: “When we chase two rabbits, we catch none.”

Say your affirmation aloud 15 times a day (there is meaning in that number) or write it down, taking the thought form and turning it into physical form and sending it to the universe to work its magic.


The universe responds to both intention and action and it is important to align the two.  A vision board or any other visual reminder of that intention reinforces the message. Your affirmation is a spoken intention. Then make choices in daily life that reinforce the spoken goal.  We all get distracted by the many activities of life and to realize your goal it is important to stay focused and to keep it alive with your vision and your action.  When you feel yourself wandering a bit, use that mantra 🙂

Physical Activity/Action

This is a way to disengage the mind and allow the spirit to talk to you through your psychic side as you connect to the natural rhythm and pace of your body. Whether you’re jogging, walking in nature, doing yoga or pilates, physical activity, as well as creative activity, connects you to your intuition. Say your affirmation, then engage in an action that is goal-centered, and you are on your way to connecting with your mind and body!

Release and Trust

This is the hardest part. Realizing that the universe is in ultimate control, take these steps and then mindfully, soulfully release your goals to the universe, asking that they be heard and returned to you in a manner that is for your highest good. Trust. When we fuss too much or try to control the process, we create a cloud of energy that slows the flow. Follow the five steps above and then live your life fully in the moment, trusting that the universe is listening.

Remember to always listen to the whispers from your soul. The more you listen and act upon the messages, the more they will guide you. Watch for signs that spirit is sending you through your journaling, mindfulness and in your day to day life activities. This self-awareness and faith that what you seek is seeking you, will help you manifest your goals in 2019.

For assistance navigating your way on this personal life journey, I am available for readings that offer you life wisdom and clairvoyant vision. Make the most of opportunities and changes that life inevitably sends your way. Happy New Year!


About the Author:

ASTRO Wing, professional clairvoyant and energy reader, understands the human spirit.  She connects to the natural energies that inform us all, providing detailed insight into life’s hard questions about love, relationships, career, and destiny.  Born psychic, ASTRO Wing acts as a lightning rod.  She illuminates what is shrouded in the darkness of the unknown, empowering you to create your joy!

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