Brown Aura Meaning & Personality

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The brown aura is one of a select few aura colors that is more of a reflection of a disturbance in your life than one that correctly reveals who you are. While this aura is interconnected with many negative traits, it is always important to remember that aura colors can and do shift and change with time. If it is revealed that you possess a brown aura, then simply addressing the underlying factors that have led you down this path is all that it takes to make your true aura color shine brightly once more.

Browns simply have allowed negative emotions or pointless goals to lead them through life to their detriment. This is not always a conscious decision, and it is frequently the result of feeling lost or confused in life and taking the easiest path. Browns, like the fellow dark auras of black and grey, are not bad people at all. These aura colors all represent people in need and, thus, they should not be shunned or avoided.

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Distinguishing Traits Of The Brown Aura

Insecurity is a highlight of many people who have a brown aura and is often directly connected with the reason for the aura in the first place. They may be driven to focus hard on material things either by their own greed or by the desires of a spouse who preys upon that insecurity. Worries of every type cloud their mind and prevent Browns from making smart decisions. Those with a brown aura are frequently targeted by those who desire to manipulate them, offering a false reprieve in exchange for pleasing them in some way. Spiritual guidance is all but abandoned in Browns, as faith and hope can be hard to maintain when the pressures of the world seem to be crashing down upon you.

The brown aura does not leave people hopeless, and there are some positives that can result either directly or indirectly related to the aura. For the first point, inner strength and determination can really reach record levels as Browns tirelessly seek relief in desperation. Once you escape from the aura and look back on all you have accomplished with hard work and your own two hands because you believed in nothing else, it can be truly eye-opening. On a more sensitive note, finding the source or manipulative influences of a Brown is rather easy as they are always close to their target. While this may not be a positive in the traditional sense, it is helpful to know when you seek to aid someone who has fallen victim to this aura.

The Path Of Support For Browns

People with a brown aura rarely get to that position alone, as it is often outside influences that contribute to its development. For those seeking to help Browns, you can use this to your advantage to bring them to the light. Friends and family members who are not contributing to the problem are always the first lines of defense, using the power of numbers to quell the insecurities that drive them forward. Browns stuck in a cycle of materialism that can never be sated need to be able to witness and experience the good in life that is not borne of or connected with wealth. Remember that removing a hard-focused goal from the equation and not replacing it with a more positive one will never end well as both body and mind will long for something to strive toward.

Keep in mind that not all Browns are aware of their aura color in the first place and it may take time and a lot of evidence to notice what is going wrong. It is important never to try to counter their insecurity and fears with more fear. For example, you wouldn’t want to preach to them about how much worse things will get if they continue on their current path. To Browns, it is not a choice, and they can often feel as if they are doing the right thing or the only thing. With someone already under duress, putting them between a rock and a hard place is never a solution. Browns need comfort, security, confidence and a new more positive goal to devote themselves toward. If your proposed solution cannot hit the majority of those targets, then it may well only make matters worse.

Addressing Your Brown Aura

If you identify yourself as having a brown aura then the hardest part, which is recognition of the problem, is already over. Even though you do not have the social support system you need or for any other reason you are tackling this alone, success is definitely possible. Finding the source of your worries and insecurities should be the first step, but understand that not all sources are bad. A hard-working response to almost losing the roof over your family’s head is admirable and is not negative in itself. A resulting focus on material things to the point where every other aspect of your life suffers is simply a sign that your original goal got off track. In other situations, you may need to completely remove yourself from the equation – for example, desperately trying to prove your worth to a cheating or abusive partner in the hopes that the infidelity or abuse will end.

Once you have discovered the source of your woes, the next step is finding its positive counterweight to lift you from the darkness. Find meaning and joy in your life that doesn’t involve the depth of your pockets. Eliminate toxic and abusive individuals from your life and replace them with positive, optimistic friends. Make an effort to reconnect with your spiritual side and surrender your guidance to energies with your best interest in mind. The exact solution will differ for everyone, but one defining trait will remain: The right path won’t feel like a struggle or a fight, it will be welcoming relief. You will know when you have found it as you will no longer be gasping for air and drowning in your worries.

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The brown aura is not positive in nature but that does not mean you cannot be strengthened by your trials as one. These negative influences are not permanent, and you do not have to surrender to an aura that does nothing but sap your energy. Whether you find solace in your loved ones or rise out of its grasp on your own, your life will be all the better for it. Seek out those things which bring you happiness and good health on a regular basis, as opposed to temporary havens from the horrors of the world or your own insecurities. As always, remember your aura is not you; it is merely a glimpse of your energy, drives, hopes, and fears… or lack thereof.

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