An Irreplaceable Gift to Mothers

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by Keen Psychic: Maharani Rutan


This weekend, we will once again celebrate Mother’s Day. Next to Valentine’s Day, this is the biggest holiday for florists, jewelers, and greeting card stores. We honor our mothers by giving gifts as a way of saying “thank you.”  

Mother’s Day was first created in the United Kingdom in 1908 and later, officially adopted by the United States through President Woodrow Wilson on May 09, 1914. Commercialization, however, has all but removed the true meaning behind the holiday’s creation.  

Some of us can still recall the greeting cards made of drawing paper, messages written in Crayola crayons, with lopsided suns and the only correctly spelled words being “Happy Mother’s Day.” As mothers, some of us keep every card safe in a box, holding on to the memories of such innocence. Nevertheless, as time passed and children who were too grown up to make a card with Crayons, would ask for their allowance or proclaim a willingness to work for money, only to run to the nearest store that sells Mother’s Day cards because they remembered at the very last moment. One could always tell the children were in a hurry when it was simply signed “Love me.”  

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I remember the conversations with my own mother, and I used to always ask her what she wanted for Mother’s Day. She would always answer, “I have everything I need and want.” I never understood what she meant, until I became a mother and learned that the love of mother for child can completely fulfill all wishes. This love never dies, and because children and mothers grow up together, lessons they teach each other can never be duplicated by others, only passed on to the next generation.  

Today, children and teens are doing remarkable things for the world, things which we could not even imagine doing ourselves. The “Never Again” movement, organized by Stoneman Douglas students and survivors of the Parkland shooting, started conversations as one collective voice. Many mothers are proud of the bravery of these children to stand up to some of the world’s most powerful entities, while many more learn to speak up, standing right next to their children.

Children and teens are impacting the world today through community service, such as Alexandra Scott (4 years old) who started a lemonade stand that raised nearly a million dollars for children’s cancer. Chloe Kim (17 years old), won Gold in South Korea. Krtin Nithiyandam (17 years old) discovered the anti-body for detection of Alzheimer’s. Of course, we cannot forget Malala Yousafzai, the youngest person ever to become a Nobel Peace laureate. Each and every one of these children, along with our own, has taught us patience, drive, courage, and strength. 

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All mothers want to be acknowledged as being a good parent, and it feels nice to get a thank you. But would we be mothers if not for our children? Even though June 10 is Children’s Day, what do we buy for our children? Some of us may feel we buy things for them all the time, and this may be true. But the celebration of Children’s day is nothing compared to Mother’s Day. 

Although we are the adults, mothers continue to grow alongside their children. Children teach us compassion, understanding, empathy, and most of all, how to overcome differences. Through children we learn that everyone is unique. We learn to let go, cry, and laugh. They bring us joy, and as they leave to begin their adult life, they bring sadness. But the most important lesson they teach is that they are not us, yet they are something we wish we were.  

On this special Mother’s Day, as children are thankful to their mothers, perhaps we should consider being thankful to them, too. They have taught us so much already, and together we will continue to learn more and love better.  


Maharani Rutan

About the Author:

Maharani is Certified Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theoretical Adviser, Sanskrit tarot reader, intuitive, clairalience, and divination through mantras and poojas. She has made over 18,156 accurate predictions and counting. At a very early age she was taught the skills of Vedic divination through rigorous religious teachings. She specializes in In-Depth Spiritual, tarot card and love relationships readings. Open your mind to unique prospective to finding what’s best for you.

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