A Medium’s Guide to Connecting with Lost Loved Ones

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by Michelle Caporale

When I was eleven years old, my great grandmother passed from colon cancer. The last I saw of her, was when she was in the hospital in pain. She was not the loving woman I had known. Her death was devastating for me. No one explained anything to me about death. Being a young child, I was very confused. Where did my Nana go?

We all share grief from losing a loved one. We all wish we could connect with them. Where are they? Do they see us? Do they hear us? (No, they don’t spy on us in the shower). The night of her wake, she did visit me, and through my tears she was very comforting. She was whole and no longer suffering. She enlightened me about her new life after death. She was going to be with her husband and her daughter who had passed long before I was born.

This gave me great comfort and started my journey to embrace my mediumship gifts as I grew older. I attended a credible four-year metaphysical college where I was accepted for who I was. I learned much, and I grew spiritually.

Being a medium is just being in the middle between you and those that have crossed. I can connect with ease. It’s been the most rewarding part of my life in this field. Bringing peace, hope and love leaves people with comfort and, very often, closure. There are so many times we never get to say goodbye, or the last words said were in haste.

Our loved ones are around when we need them. We just have to pay attention.

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How to Connect with a Lost Loved One

1. Speak. One of the simplest ways to get your deceased loved one to communicate with you is to just talk. That’s right—just start speaking. But don’t just speak to the air. Hold an image of the person you’re trying to communicate with in your mind and direct your communication at him or her. This is best done in a quiet location, where you can clear your mind and be free from distractions.

2. Connect Using Their Belongings. If you have something to hold of your loved one, think of them, call for them. Ask yes or no questions. Then wait quietly to hear your answers.

3. Dream. Our dreams hold the power to connect us to new and strange places. Pay close attention to them, because your deceased loved one might just be trying to communicate with you while you sleep. Keep a notebook near so you can take notes. We often forget our dreams. 

4. Seek a Medium. 

In desperation, people seek out help because they are in pain. Be careful and do your research. Find a reputable intuitive to help you connect with your loved one.

How to Prepare for a Mediumship Reading

Before you contact a medium, there are a few things you should understand to prepare yourself.

Be open to hear from anyone. Know your family history. If you’re married or with a partner, know as much as you can about their family and friends in case they come through.

Just be open to the process. People we love do come as needed. Our animals often show up as well.

I once did a private party in Long Island where two nieces came to connect with their uncle who passed, the first thing I said was; “Why did you give up his dog? He’s very upset seeing you both promised to take care of this Pomeranian.” Probably shocked (and maybe a little guilty), they looked at me and ran back downstairs.

Their uncle had one request from them, and knew they hadn’t fulfilled it. But don’t worry, I later found out that they got the dog back!

Love and Light,



About the Author:

Michelle has many attributes that can be used order to serve each querent, including: Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Psychometry. To date, She has worked on several cold cases with Police Departments and families in New York, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, and California. Michelle’s medium and intuition ability experiences began when she was visited by her great grandmother the night of her wake. Michelle uses her gifts to tap into your deepest questions whether they be your relationship, career or any aspect of your life.

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