Seeds of Growth

by Keen Psychic: Minkadove

Winter is starting to fade. The time to plant seeds is upon us, a time to set your intention. What seeds do you want to plant ? As Spring arrives, the seeds will bloom into fruition. Spring is the time of renewal and new beginnings. A time when life blooms into being. The seed that is planted starts to grow and change. Day by day the seed becomes a flower. Inside all of us lies seeds that need nurturing and care so that we too can awaken, grow and bloom into who are meant to be.

As the days grow longer, you can sense change in the air. It’s almost electric. The Sun’s rays emit more warmth. You begin to see buds on the ground, blossoms on the trees, and there is a feeling of invigoration. You have more energy and a sense of purpose. You start thinking about what you want to accomplish, you set goals. Maybe you kick up your gym routine or decide to start that diet. Spring is arriving.

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‘Spring Cleaning’ is about clearing the path to the divine. It’s a time to let go of what has ‘died’ in order to give birth to the new. The symbolic nature of cleaning out your closets, getting rid of papers or clutter plants seeds of intention. When you take action, you feel it in your being. The release of the old uplifts the spirit and the seeds you sow begin to grow.

What is your deepest desire right now? What part of you needs tending to?  What are you willing to let go of?  Spring is a time of action. Write down your wishes, tend to your inner garden, pull up the weeds from within. Every day, do something to nurture yourself. Be conscious and allow yourself to awaken and blossom into the beautiful flower you are.


About the Author:

Minka was born an Intuitive Channel. Minka is Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, an Empath and Clairsentient. Minka has been teaching and doing readings for over 20’s years. Minka can see into the heart of any situation. She can see your soul and others. Her readings are profound and life changing.

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