Understanding Astral Travel and Astral Projection

by Psychic Advisor Miss Josephine

Astral travel is amazing! I have been to the Amazon Rain Forest, I know what it sounds like, what the air taste like, and how the red dirt felt under my feet, but I never left my bed! The first memory I have of astral travel was when I was very young, about six-years-old, I woke up knowing I had been to the top of a very high mountain. It was so tall, that when I looked down I saw clouds circling the mountain beneath me. In my short life, I had never been in an airplane and had no idea what clouds beneath me would look like.  I remember wondering if it was possible for mountains to be taller than clouds. I asked my teacher at school the next day if it were possible, and she pulled out a book and showed me a picture of a tall mountain with clouds circling the summit. I knew in that moment, that I had been there!

What is Astral Travel?

There are different beliefs and concepts accepted in the Spiritual Biz regarding astral travel.  When it is called astral projection, it is considered an out-of-body experience where a person’s soul or consciousness, the “astral body,” separates from the physical body and travels around the universe or in the astral plane.  The best way I can describe the astral plane is that it somewhat like a dream world.  It has also been described as another dimension and has been called The Ether.  While in the midst of this out-of-body experience, it is widely believed that a person is tethered to their physical body by a silver cord that connects at their belly-button.  Some fear that if this cord is cut they will be lost and unable to return to their bodies.  Some also believe that when you leave your body it is left vulnerable for possession from other entities.

Another concept of astral travel that is not considered astral projection, is that your soul never actually leaves your body and you are experiencing the event in a way that is similar to dreaming.  This dream is very intense and vivid, and you will feel as though you are actually in that place, experiencing it as though you are awake.  You may have use of all of your senses or just some of them like speaking, hearing sounds, feeling temperatures, and even have the sense of touch.  Of course, there is no worry of possession or being cut free from your physical self.

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Astral Travel in Practice

Many people astral travel without any effort, some even do it while just daydreaming or meditating.  Others may find that the ability comes and goes.  Still others aren’t able to master the ability no matter how hard they try.  If you feel like you are not able to launch into the astral plane, it could be that there is someone or a situation that is holding you back. I know many new mothers that stop doing astral travel, it is as though they feel like they would be leaving their child unattended!

As with anything, you should never let astral travel become an obsession.  If you ever return feeling sad, confused, negative, or worried, you should reach out to your advisor on Keen for direction and insight.  Spending time in the astral plane has benefits, but if you find that you prefer time there so much that it becomes a form of escapism or is a distraction from reality, it may be time to take a break!

Benefits of Astral Travel

There are many benefits to astral travel.  You may find solutions to problems or return from the travel feeling comforted, more relaxed, and less anxious.  Many people return feeling energized and with a higher vibe.  Personally, I often discover problems or issues of the people I care about and what action I may need to take to help them.  I have done many readings with people who meet up with their future true loves and some spend time with their future children. Others just meet up with people from their day-to-day lives for a little sharing of energy and fun.  These astral travelers don’t seem to focus as much on a place, as on people and feelings!

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About the Author:

As an Empathic Psychic, Miss Josephine uses her gifts to provide in-depth, personal, and informative readings. Her specialties include Life Questions, Spiritual, and Love and Relationships readings. She loves to help others find their true loves, life purposes, careers, and correct paths for fulfilling and successful happy lives.

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