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by Rosalind Medea

Keeping a positive mindset is something that everyone must learn in order to ensure positive and healthy life experiences, and most importantly to create the life that you desire. Take your positive mindset a step further by keeping a positive talkset! Maintaining a positive talkset means being conscious of the words you speak or write and, by doing, vocalizing what you truly want to attract to you.

How many times have you found your mouth running away with itself? Only to afterwards have the thought: “I shouldn’t have said that.” More often than not, people speak without being fully aware of the power their words have. The universe responds to a person’s every word, and usually gives to the bearer of those words whatever they have verbalized or thought about.

The Language of the Universe acknowledges and accepts your every word – good, bad or indifferent. The universe does not discern or discriminate your spoken words nor your thoughts. So if you say: “I don’t have a clue,” then the universe gives you exactly that – “no clue.” Even though your intention was not to be “clueless,” that is what the universe gave you in return. However, had that been turned in to a positive statement such as, “I now have the clarity I require to face every situation I must deal with,” then what comes back at you from the universe is “clarity” each and every time.

So what does it take to learn a positive talkset? First and foremost, be conscious of your words. When you are engaged in a conversation, be conscious of your response, or consider if a response is even necessary. If you do reply, give yourself time to respond so you vocalize exactly what you do want to say.

Secondly, be aware of the negatives that you often express about yourself and your life. Strip them out of your vocabulary and then create what you actually desire instead. Remember the universe acts on the premise that you stated it, so it is yours– so act like it is truly yours and that it is a given already. For instance, if you need $60 to pay your cellphone bill, even if you don’t have the $60 yet, make the statement: “I will pay my $60 cellphone bill,” and allow the universe to bring it forth.

Thirdly, believe in yourself. Acknowledge that your words do have power and if you don’t want something in your life, vocalize not what you don’t want but, what you do want instead.

Removing the negatives from one’s vocabulary and replacing it with positives takes time – but with persistency and consistency, just like learning a language, it eventually becomes second nature.


About the Author:

Rosalind Medea is an intuitive reader and truth seeker. She cuts through illusions to help people see the truth in situations and advises on practical solutions that support them in their journey. She also works with the Tarot and I Ching, and loves sharing the wisdom and insights they bring.

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