Woman on a disasterous date, wishing she had called her psychic

How does a date that looked so promising turn into a dating disaster? What started off as a great connection somehow deteriorates into a relationship that is going nowhere. How could we be so blind? Can we do anything to avoid these pitfalls on the rocky road to finding love?

Consulting a psychic can help you avoid dating disasters. Before you find yourself up to your neck in relationship problems, make sure your date has a chance of leading to something more than eventual breakup text messages. A psychic will see which of your relationships are doomed to failure and which are destined to be the fulfilling, romantic answer to the question of finding love. Psychics practice many different esoteric disciplines, and which one you choose to consult depends on which discipline you feel is right for you.

Finding Love with Astrology

A psychic who draws up astrological charts will quickly spot why your love life goes awry. A natal chart drawn up for the day of your birth holds a wealth of information to help you avoid the pitfalls in finding love. A natal chart is divided into 12 sectors, each corresponding with the 12 signs of the zodiac. Your psychic will study the chart and where the sun, moon and planets lay within it to determine your emotional needs and your love style. The planets, their signs, and their aspects to each other are critical in helping you understand what you need and desire in a relationship – and why you may not be finding it.

A psychic who practices astrology can also compare your chart with your date’s. In comparing charts, a psychic will be looking for good, easy relationships between the birth planets across the charts. People often consult Sun sign compatibility lists to see if their Sun signs are compatible. The reason why this is such an important factor is that the Sun represents life goals for both men and women, and if your goals are in harmony, then the chances are that you will make a go of your relationship. But the Sun sign is not the whole picture; that’s why your “perfect” Sun sign match can also turn out to be a dating disaster. In fact, the Sun sign will not be the first thing an astrologer will look at to find clues for your love life. Venus is the planet of love, and the psychic can tell a great deal from where this planet sits in your birth chart.

Is Love in the (Tarot) Cards?

If you prefer Tarot cards, they can also be a useful tool in unraveling the secrets behind your dating disasters. Consulting a Tarot reader for your relationship questions empowers you to make better choices in the future. You must make sure that you have your question clearly in your mind before the reading. A question such as “Why are my dates always disasters?” will negatively influence the cards, because it is a negative question. Better to ask “What am I looking for in a relationship?” You may think you know, but your dating history will suggest otherwise. Your Tarot reader will appreciate the thought you have given to your question and will guide you through the reading to a position where you know yourself better and can avoid future dating disasters. Certain cards failing to appear in the reading may be a clue in themselves – for example, if The Magician does not turn up, your psychic will suspect that you simply go along with the crowd instead of making your own decisions. Other cards may be positioned upside down – if The Lovers card is upside down, for example, it tells the reader you have difficulty in forming lasting relationships.

Love by the Numbers

Another psychic method that may help you is numerology. A numerologist will examine your life path for the patterns that determine your relationships. There is a great deal that can be learned from a numerological reading. Your psychic will use the date of your birth and convert the letters of your name to numbers to draw up a picture of your karma in life. Numerological patterns can be drawn up for every aspect of your life, including love. A full numerological reading offers a great deal of information about your choices and why you make them.

Address Your Expectations

Sometimes it is simply that you need to change your expectations of what you can realistically achieve from the dating process. Not every date will lead to true love, and not every guy you date will be “the one.” A psychic will reassure you that it really is OK to look around, sample what’s offered, and say no if it isn’t to your taste. In other cases, there may be karmic implications that you need to deal with before you can move on and end your dating disasters.

A psychic can recognize these patterns, whether they are trivial and superficial, or whether they need more complex soul work. On the more superficial level, you may be looking for love in all the wrong places and need to be more in tune with your own needs and desires to seek out fulfilling, romantic relationships. You may need to stop looking at all prospective partners through rose-colored glasses or be less critical of every little thing. A psychic will be able to see where you need to adjust your.

On the other hand, past lives and karma can also be a significant factor in dating disasters. Unresolved problems with individual souls or traumatic situations can follow you from lifetime to lifetime. A psychic can help you release your soul from this destructive cycle, and learn to forgive, forget, and move on.

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