Be Inspired to Bloom this Spring!

by Keen Psychic: Wise Spirit

Winter. How do you portray her without sounding like a sad childhood lullaby? The whites of her eyes are as frigid as the night wind, whispering among the barren trees. Her cool demeanor urges us to stay indoors where it’s cozy and warm. Her stark gestures are prominent, as we hustle from here to there, bundled up with layer upon layer of clothing, trying quickly to arrive at our destination. As we maneuver carefully along snow covered roads, we secretly hope that our recent holiday indulgences haven’t increase our waistline, whilst decreasing our wallet. Her long nights taunt us with the formidable presence of a rodent casting a shadow. She is dark, she is cold, and she is solitary.

And then… it happens! After a long and indolent Winter slumber, we emerge. We awake one brisk morning to find the sun shining brightly above the clouds. There’s a familiar fragrance billowing in the air, as the flowers begin to bloom. You listen closely and just barely recognize a low hum, signaling the menagerie that is Spring. A returning flock entertains you with a song. Lovers stroll hand in hand in the park, ready to embark upon an afternoon adventure. Children squeal in delight as they enjoy their first day out to play in months. We take our time window shopping, while enjoying the succulent taste of seasonal fruits that we’ve missed terribly. She is alive, she is warm, and she is inviting.

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With the days becoming longer, much like our surroundings, we begin to bloom. It’s not just the perennials that are shedding the doldrums of a season that’s overstayed its welcome. We too eagerly anticipate the newness of it all. The Spring summons us to be better, wiser and stronger. The cocoon that had tightly enveloped us loosens its grip to make way for our dew-laden wings to soar. And soar we shall!

Spring is a time of jubilant awakening. She affords us the opportunity to reinvent an earlier version of ourselves. We are aware of an undeniable surge of energy flowing through our veins, prompting an added pep in our step. We have braved the harsh Winter and now welcome the Spring with open arms. Spring equals blossoming, and blossoming equals change. No longer are we content to hide under the covers as we binge watch another Netflix original. Instead, we take joy in being out and about, meeting with friends, and feeling the earth beneath our bare and newly manicured toes. We feel alive as we deeply inhale all of the freshness that Spring brings. People smile a little longer, waistlines get a little smaller, and friends turn into lovers.

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Spring beckons us to fully enjoy ourselves, and to enjoy time spent with those around us. She encourages us to embrace new experiences while searching for magic around every corner. Sure, the balmy days of Summer, the breezy days of Autumn, and the frosty days of Winter command their own respect… but Spring is that never-ending cup of joe that fuels us at dawn and sustains us, as we continue to bloom, grow and find joy throughout the season.


About the Author:

Wise Spirit has spent over 25 years providing Essential, Caring and Informative, Spiritual Counseling with only the highest level of client service, combined with a healthy dose of practical sass. She’s a down to earth Empath, who is passionate about providing Spiritual guidance to all of those in need.

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