What Does it Mean to Be a Libra?

What does it mean to be a Libra? It can often be summed up in one word: balance. Libra men and women are the rulers of balance and enforcers of this wonderful quality in every aspect of their lives. As a Libra, you are also a bastion of peace just as much as you are of equality. Cooperation and diplomacy define you as you are well aware of the discord that fighting for balance brings to the table. True to your balanced nature, what your heart craves the most is a partner by your side. You make no demands for perfection and consistently find yourself bending over backward all for the sake of harmony. It is clear to anyone looking that you’d do anything for true love, except tolerate being treated abusively. You wage a silent war against injustice and it is one of the few things that can bring the fire out of your normally peaceful existence. It’s a Libra thing: Libra-born love causes and find it endlessly inspiring seeing individuals of any type stand up for what they truly believe in. There is so much more to Libra than balance; discover all that makes the average Libra tick by continuing along in the article below.

Mythology And Facts About The Sweetly Symmetrical Libra

If you were born between September 23rd and October 22nd you were definitively blessed to be a Libra. You join the ranks of well-known Libras such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Hugh Jackman, and Bruno Mars. While the mythological origins of your sign and constellation may be purely fictional, often it gives the slightest insight into your star sign’s traits. Like most mythological accounts related to astrology, there are multiple associations and stories that span several years and cultures. The most popular myth remains that Libra is a representation of Dike, the daughter of Zeus. Dike was the goddess of justice and would judge souls upon their death, rewarding the good and providing just consequence to the bad. Her Roman counterpart made this even more clear as her name is Justitia.

Dike’s myth is short and sweet, nearly identical to that of Astraea who is often assumed to be the same goddess. Dike ruled on earth and admired the flourishing of mankind during the golden age when all was prosperous and good. This prosperity eventually brought on greed and an endless amount of immoral behavior that proved to be disgusting to her. Rather than remain and continue to bestow her blessings to mankind, she left to become the constellation Libra, after which all prosperity dwindled, and calamity overtook the earth. Libra-born likely connect with the myths in their disgust for poor behavior as well as having a constant desire for justice.

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Libra Traits And Behaviors

Libra men and women are the masters of compassion, charm, and individualism. It may come as a surprise that a sign so focused on harmonious cooperation is secretly a rebel inside. Libras simply favor those who make their own paths and do not blindly follow the rules or guidelines laid out before them. Of course, you would still prefer to avoid causing confrontation or grief, but being a follower simply does not interest you. Partnership remains as equally important as balance to you, and you are frequently labeled a hopeless romantic. You are a vibrant social butterfly who never seems to get bored of a crowd or good conversation. Kindness and respect guide all your actions and the times you have lashed out at others can often be counted on one hand.

In keeping with the theme of balance, you are also forced to recognize the less than perfect aspects of your personality. Your struggle to forgive and forget is one that causes the most issues, as you are easily pulled into holding grudges and passive aggressive behavior. Despite coming off as someone who has it all figured out, you are the most indecisive sign of the zodiac. You depend desperately on your partner or friends to make decisions and still end up frustrating them as you are prone to last minute changes. The avoidance of confrontation that is innate to most Libras is both a blessing and a curse. It makes the important communication of problems all but impossible and can leave your relationships suffering.

Libra Guidance And Needs

Relationships are extremely important to the happiness of a Libra; you need to make sure you keep them in good shape. As mentioned previously, being oblivious to the problems by being unapproachable is one surefire way to bring everything crashing down. There are times where confrontation and uncomfortable moments need to happen in order to effectively address problems and reach a compromise. Thus, you must try to resist the urge to walk away from every situation, or else you won’t know what is wrong until your best friend or partner is calling it quits. Learning to forgive and forget is easier said than done, but it is worth trying to master. Avoid assuming others are simply out to steal your spotlight or individuality; mirroring your behavior is often simply a case of true admiration for you. Most importantly, don’t look down on those who lack a rebellious spirit – going with the flow is usually not something to be ashamed of unless there is a danger involved.

With regards to partnership, Aries men and women truly get you going. They are independent, leaders, rebels like you, and will make all the decisions for you if you let them. You cannot help but be charmed by the raw power and passion Aries women and men display in life and in the bedroom. It is a delightful match if you long for a dominating presence in your life that will balance out all of your weaknesses. Sagittarius-born are another outstanding choice as you are similar in all the right ways. If you’re seeking the adventurous life and a more high-octane partner, you’d do well to look to the archer. Generally, Libras will be able to get along with most denizens of the zodiac, as long as you are willing to compromise and communicate your needs and expectations. Hidden expectations will bring nothing but failure to your relationships.

As a Libra, your optimism, charming personality, and jovial nature will provide joy to many. Never forget who and what you are, and recognize that even without your long-sought soulmate you still have much to offer the world. Even though you are no leader, people of all types will look to you as a role model when you stand up for justice, rebel against conformity, or maintain control over yourself during heated arguments. You are the poster child of balance and it shows in all that you do.

This article was meant to reveal common traits and similarities between most Libras but by no means is a hard and fast rule. The individuality of Libras especially makes you all unique and different. Consider a psychic reading by one of our advisors for guidance that is exclusive to you.

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