Goodbye Caterpillar, Hello Butterfly!

by Keen Psychic: The SoulTrekker

You are like a beautiful butterfly sitting out on the edge of its cocoon, feeling unsure of itself and terrified to fly. The anticipation you feel now is natural, as is wondering if your wings are truly ready for flight. And while it never hurts to feel prepared, there’s a fine line between preparation and procrastination. You must trust yourself enough to acknowledge that your decision to remain fixated on the bigger picture (rather than believing in your ability to jump) is another form of self-doubt. It is killing your drive to dive into the adventurous experience that all new ventures are meant to be.

Stop preparing to fly. You are as ready as you’re ever going to be. Less talking. More doing. The world will notice your creation in due time, but not if it never leaves the ground!

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Start living life for the possibility, not the guarantee. You won’t know until you try, and you’ll never soar into the stratosphere of your highest achievements until you learn the ropes. Practice the art of flying by boldly removing your feet from the ground.

Placing extraordinary emphasis on what still needs to be mastered before you actualize your dreams is just an excuse to hide behind an overwhelming checklist. This only creates more doubt that you’ll ever be ready. You’re preventing yourself from getting started in the first place.

New prospects always feel daunting. This is normal and a fact. Our dreams always arrive a few sizes too big, and we gradually learn how to grow into them.

Check yourself and be honest. What is preventing you from radiating authentic brilliance into the world like you were born to? Until you unquestionably realize the number one reason you never fulfill your desires is your own self-doubt, this inevitable struggle will continue.

Create effort. Shape fate rather than be governed by it. While it’s okay to believe you’re guided, it’s still up to you to make the first move. Be like the Phoenix who rises above the ashes of the past, far beyond any excuses and stories that imprisoned you and locked you out from your true potential to create a life you love.

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You can only create a life you love by releasing whatever it is in your life that no longer works. This includes old beliefs that keep you stuck in doubt and comfortable playing small. Keep what you love. Get rid of what you don’t. Add more of what you like!

Everyone says they’ll do this, but few actually follow through. Be one of the few that do, and actually commit to changing your life for the better. If you feel life has you cornered, realize this is all happening for a reason. The reason being, you can no longer ignore these aspects of doubt that have kept you playing small.

Bravely embrace the exciting adventure of the unknown. Life is a path, its destination the journey, and what you are experiencing now is the ride. Put aside your fears and embrace whatever comes your way. Keep going. Move through the self-doubt and the “I’m not good enough.” Sure, you may not win everyone over, but you can trust that your light will land in the hearts it’s meant to.

For once you’ve got nothing standing between you and your dreams, including your own outdated beliefs. This is when true magic happens and you’ll rise from the ashes like the champion you are truly meant to be. You can look back five years from now with assured confidence and say you’re living your life in a way you’ve chosen, and not in a way you’ve settled for.

Caterpillar time is over, and it’s time to spread those wings and fly!


About the Author:

Jared Ciofalo is a professional intuitive psychic and mindset coach, well known among his clients for an incredibly high level of EQ (emotional intelligence). Since childhood, Jared always knew he was “different,” especially with his peculiar knack for understanding the deep inner workings of the human psyche and his empathic sensitivity to other people’s instinctive reactions and emotional responses. He specializes in love and relationship advice, career and life path guidance. Jared is truly dedicated to use his gifts to ultimately assist and guide you into future joy and happiness.

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