Career Advice: How a Tarot Reading Helped Tommy Discover If a New Job Offer Was Too Good to Be True

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There are many reasons to seek out a consultation with a psychic advisor: you’re hoping to address doubts about a current romance; you have questions regarding the wisdom of a potential investment, or concerns over health matters; perhaps you’re seeking enlightenment on issues stemming from unresolved family dynamics — to name just a few.

Another very common motive for those hoping to find guidance from an advisor is to help find the most navigable path to the next step in a career. Whether you’re out of work and hunting for a job, or wondering what the outcome of a recent interview will be; already employed and hoping for signs about an expected promotion, feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your current situation, or even concerned that a toxic co-worker may be trying to sabotage your reputation, an advisor can shed light on many key aspects surrounding the employment sphere. 

A Working Dilemma

Tommy came to me for just that reason, seeking advice from the tarot. While there are many tarot spreads that can offer insight into career questions, after Tommy relayed his concerns that the amazing job offer he’d just received from a startup company might be too good to be true, I decided to work with a four-card linear spread. I wanted to see if we could discern the true nature of his potential employers, and whether or not the “perfect” job he’d been offered was indeed the real deal.

Tommy told me that not only had he been promised great pay and the casual work atmosphere he’d long been craving, but the company was also offering benefits, profit sharing, and a generous bonus structure. The other side of the coin, however, was that Tommy had spent more than five years with his current employer, who had been in business for several decades and was experiencing steady growth. Tommy’s employers valued him, and though they didn’t go out of their way to ensure his happiness, his job was secure. So while he was ready to make a change, he couldn’t afford to casually throw away his equity for something that might turn out to be a flash in the pan.

Accentuate the Positive

For the first card, I instructed Tommy to concentrate on the positive elements of the job offer. After shuffling the deck, I placed it face down on the table between us and asked him to cut the cards.

The card he revealed was the Four of Wands, which I interpreted to mean that his potential employer had their heart in the right place, and at least had honest intentions. They foresaw the fruition of their upcoming endeavor with certainty, and would deliver on the promises they’d made — should they succeed. While it was reassuring that they meant well, the party-like atmosphere of the card did lead me to wonder just how solid a foundation their company had been built on.

Illuminate the Negative

When I asked Tommy to concentrate on the negative factors of the job offer, the card that came up was The Moon. This card signifies a journey with two possible outcomes: enlightenment or oblivion. While not a negative card, per se, The Moon often serves as a warning that things may not be as simple or easy as they seem, especially as they relate to new endeavors.

While Tommy’s potential employers had good intentions, The Moon denoted a strong possibility that they were also not quite in touch with reality, and perhaps were basing their promises on outcomes that either might not materialize, or would fall far short of expectations.

The Moon does not necessarily mean that embarking on a new venture should be avoided, but it does suggest that only by proceeding with utmost caution and clarity will you arrive at your desired destination.

Truth of Consequences

The next thing I directed Tommy to concentrate on was what the outcome would be should he take the job offer. The Five of Wands revealed that while his potential employers were certainly endowed with creativity and resources, it appeared that those factors might not make up for their lack of maturity, discipline, and real-world experience that would be required to see things through. It wasn’t impossible that they would succeed, but the odds were not particularly in their favor, either.

The Deciding Factor

The final card I asked Tommy to choose would reveal what he should focus on in order to make the correct decision. The Six of Pentacles indicated that he had been swept up by the boyish enthusiasm of his potential employers, and mesmerized by the thought of having a workplace that offered him not only a fun atmosphere, but big bucks. As enchanting as that possibility was, Tommy realized he wasn’t prepared to venture outside his financial comfort zone without being assured his next step was going to be on solid ground.

After much soul searching, Tommy graciously declined the offer, and began to work toward ways in which he might transform the job he had into a job he could love. While Tommy did eventually move on to greener pastures at a more stable startup, his newfound sense of initiative and positive attitude did not go unnoticed or unrewarded.

If you’re trying to decide whether it’s time to find a new job, or if you might be better off staying put, an experienced KEEN advisor can help you find the path to career satisfaction.

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