Six of Pentacles Tarot Card


Did you finally get what you wished for but are wondering if you might have wasted your wish? Are you overseeing a lot of money but have access to little or none of it? Are there strings attached to a relationship that is affecting your material security? Did someone accuse you of being on your very first power trip? The Six of Pentacles is a card that indicates that your relationship with material wants and needs may be out of balance with who you really are. The number six spiritual meaning symbolizes a human being’s intermediate and transitional condition negatively, neutral, or positive. 

There are fourteen Pentacle cards in the tarot deck, each one focusing on a different issue relating to the material world. In sum, they constitute an overview of how we all relate to money and objects. Individually, they capture the essence of a moment in our relationship with tangible things. Look at each card with a Pentacle as a piece of the possession puzzle. Here’s a more in-depth look at what this card looks like when it appears in your tarot spread. 

Six of Pentacles Meaning 

Under a slate-gray sky, a man in elaborate clothing, complete with a stylish cloth turban, tosses a kneeling beggar some coins. Another beggar waits for the chance to be seen and thrown a pittance. In the man’s other hand, he holds an evenly balanced scale.

The evenly balanced scale that the man holds should be an indicator of justice and righteousness, but this anonymous man’s version of what is just and right may be out of balance with reality. The floating Pentacles having no relation to the unfolding scene indicate that this is not a card of certainty or assurances. This card reveals that what you thought you wanted was not necessarily best for you. Success and failure are arbitrary and capricious; the appearance of balance is an illusion. In short, think of The Six of Pentacles as feelings.

Six of Pentacles Positioning 

Every tarot reading is divided into distinct sections. Your past, present, and future are each indicated by the cards landing in specific areas. On the road of life, a tarot card can have a much different meaning in your rearview mirror than it does as your current passenger. Additionally, seeing The Six of Pentacles in an upright or reversed position also has an influence. 


Seeing The Six of Pentacles in the upright position could indicate that you enjoy sharing your wealth with others — and not just those in your close circle. You’re into charities and fundraising, too. Even if you don’t have financial abundance, your love and presence are enough, and your efforts will come back to thank you in the future. On the flip side, you may be the one who is accepting the generosity of others. But be careful; you run the risk of becoming too dependent on others — quite possibly even submissive. 


The suit of Pentacles focuses heavily on wealth and all material things you can hold in your hands. In the case of the 6 of Pentacles reversed, the card’s appearance often points out some unfairness or lack of balance within your life, usually concerning your money or possessions. This lack of symmetry is not always a result of your actions and can equally present itself as a warning about those seeking to defraud or deceive you out of your possessions. 

The reversed Six of Pentacles is a card of extremes, directly countering the even-handed approach that its upright counterpart displays. Whether you are tight-fisted in greed or naive in your generosity, changes must be made. Now is the time to review your relationship with your money and other material things and bring it back into balance either through charity or a more discerning eye. Six of Pentacles, yes or no regarding your current situation? There are no definite points in the cards because their appearance will differ from person to person, but there are some common interpretations.

Past Position  

In the past position, The Six of Pentacles indicates a parental relationship associated with the desire for wealth —  to the point of being controlled by materialism. If your reading is dealing with the more recent past, perhaps a lover or boss was more obsessed with money than making a relationship connection that would have benefited everyone.

Present Position 

The Six of Pentacles is vital in the present position and can be one of the most contentious cards in the tarot deck. You need to wake up from your state of denial about your relationship to the material plane — money specifically. This card here indicates that some forces are controlling your finances. Be it a stingy parent, an aloof partner, or a credit card agreement that charges too much interest. Your growth is stunted due to limitations on your material situation. The lack of control over your own destiny is the most frustrating aspect.

Future Position 

When a reader places The Six of Pentacles tarot in the future position, your spread is hollering that familiar phrase: “Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it!” In the future position, The Six of Pentacles asks you now to question your motivation. You can lessen the damage of future obligations by making better choices now. This is not a powerful predestination card; it constantly reminds you of the difference between the illusion of your desires and the reality of what they are when made real.

Six of Pentacles Card Combinations 

Tarot readings are called “spreads” as the cards are spread out before you, and each card’s energy influences those around it. The Six of Pentacles is the lower echo of the tarot’s Major Arcana cards with the number six in them: The Lovers (#6) and The Tower (#16). 

Destruction and Control

The Tower card illustrates destruction, but it is actually a card of being unable to control your destiny relative to forces in the universe over which you have no power. The standing man illustrated in The Six of Pentacles is a metaphor for what fate might bring.


If you receive The Justice Tarot card in a reading along with The Six of Pentacles, the balance held in the hand of Justice balances out the trivializing effect that the man in The Six of Pentacles has, and your reading indicates a situation resolving itself in your favor.


Paired with The Six of Pentacles, The Hierophant is a card that foretells an interaction with one or more people convinced of the certainty and righteousness of their cause. Be careful to avoid letting them set an agenda that affects you, no matter how peace-loving or open-minded they appear. 


If your reading features Temperance in your spread, you will have to do without a pleasure-seeking ritual of yours. For example, a lover might be out of town or indisposed for the next week or two, so it’s a Six of Pentacles love situation.


The Magician turns The Six of Pentacles from being a card of little control to one of total power. This pair indicates that you are in charge of something about which you hardly realize. Your actions affect many people, and you do not even know the influence and impact you have. 


The Fool card carries this potency as well when paired with The Six of Pentacles. The experiences you want most badly are out of reach, but meanwhile, you have at your disposition things that others crave but about which you care little.

Interested In Exploring More Tarot In The Suit of Pentacles? 

Of the four suits of the tarot, only one deals with the things in life that we can touch and hold and possess. Cups rule emotions, Wands creativity, and Swords ideas, but Pentacles rule the material world and all the things it offers.

When a card from the suit of Pentacles is in your tarot reading, there are concerns about your income and personal possessions. When there are a few cards of this suit in a reading, issues related to your finances and property are front and center in the scheme of things. A tarot reading emphasizes the energy in your world that is the most palpable. When the things you own or desire dominate your thoughts, emotions, and inspiration, the Pentacles are at the forefront. Allow one of our tarot advisors at Keen to help you achieve what you want out of life while staying grounded at the same time.

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