The Dance of Power: Mars/Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

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Have you ever watched two martial arts masters engaged in battle? Like scenes from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the fight takes on the beauty of a dance, with respect and power combined with absolute focus. Mars and Pluto coming together today are like those practiced fighters: each is the master of their own realm and each is calling forth the power and concentration of the other.

The Mechanics of a Conjunction

A conjunction, in astrology, is the coming together of two planets so that they appear to be side by side. We could see this in the sky if Pluto were discernible with the naked eye. The two planets must meld their energies for the time they are next to each other. Sometimes, the melding is harmonious; other times, it may be like mixing oil and water. Conjunctions are sometimes called “hard” aspects, but it really depends on how well the planetary energies mix. 

Astrologers consider planets to be conjunct a few days before and after the actual time of their coming together. We’ve been feeling the energy of the Mars/Pluto union for a few days now. Today (or tomorrow, depending on your time zone), it will reach its apex, and for the next few days we’ll feel the integration and dissipation of what Mars and Pluto have brought. 

If you are interested in psychic phenomena or abilities, take some time to become aware of the big astrological transits that affect us all. Knowing about the planetary energies can help you interpret intuitive messages or understand how best to approach your own psychic work. Mars and Pluto are co-rulers of Scorpio, the sign of the zodiac that governs the metaphysical. Together they provide an impetus to delve into the mystical realms of psychic study. 

The Power Play

Although popular astrology gives Pluto a bad rap, this planet is all about transformation. It’s true that Pluto will do whatever it takes to get you there—just look at the world stage at the moment. Pluto moving through Capricorn aims to transform the stale, rigid, fear-based aspects of society. We’re seeing some dark before the dawn as governments, structures, and ideals break down while fears increase. In your own chart, the house that contains Capricorn is undergoing a long, slow transformation, and the energy boost from Mars should be used wisely.

Pluto also governs all of our fears, unconscious security issues, and desires that may or may not be aligned with our highest good. Capricorn is the keeper of our cherished beliefs and traditions; it may be you are being asked to transform outmoded beliefs and create a new relationship to your fear. Be aware of your compulsions and behaviors inspired by fear. The overall theme for Pluto’s long (20+ year) transit through Capricorn is to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

Mars travels much faster through the zodiac than Pluto. He entered Capricorn at the end of September, and will be on his way to Aquarius by November 9/10th. Mars represents our nature driven by conscious desire, our ability to execute action and decisions, and the quality of “let’s go for it.” In Capricorn, Mars wants to feel his authority, be in control, and create empires that will last the test of time. His power is quick and rash; Pluto’s is glacial and considered. As the two meet, there is an abundance of power and desire vibrating out into the universe. As we on earth are relatively close by, we will feel the waves. Will you duck and run or get on your board and ride it?

Take A Giant Step 

It really is helpful to know where this conjunction is going to take place in your chart—if you haven’t had an astrology reading or gotten at least a free chart, now would be a great time. This week of intense power will be uber-helpful in whatever area of your chart and life it is taking place. Though you may feel the grip of authority squeezing a little harder—boss, parent, anyone to whom you give your power—the best use of this conjunction is to ride the wave of creation it creates.

You can also consult a psychic to gain insight as to where you need to utilize this boost of power coming from Mars and Pluto. Many psychics are also familiar with the current astro energies, and can tap into guidance for you without your chart. You will want to ask how to best manifest the structured transformation Pluto asks for by using the conscious power and intent of Mars.

If you do have your chart, here’s a brief hint on how to use this energy through the houses:

First House: If creating a new life, image, or self-concept has been on your mind, put it in motion now. There’s incredible power to change how you see and experience the world.

Second House: Be careful with money—find the balance between risk and reserve if you are crafting a new stock portfolio. Create a temple your talents can shine through, and release where you have been ridiculously stubborn.

Third House: Be responsible when communicating your plans and ideas with others. You may have the upper hand, but don’t abuse it. If people are being snarky, take the high road, and be a model for your kids. Start your book, write that agent, and stop procrastinating on your blog.

Fourth House: Reassess your house rules; maybe it’s not working to ground the kids. Perhaps a family council where you all decide what’s fair is in order. Take responsibility for your emotions, and let others do the same. Is your heart a fortress? Make it a home instead.

Fifth House: This is an incredible week to invigorate creative projects, climb a mountain, or start an exercise plan. If your creative juices feel stale, open to a new project, and get started! Cast your play, hang your show, or sign up for the open mic.

Sixth House: Now is the time to put the booster rockets on a new health regimen or strategize a better structure for your home-based business. What will make you more empowered and energized in your daily life? Do it. Now.

Seventh House: What do you really want your relationships to look like? Now is the time for conscious action towards a shared power structure. Make love not war—it will be hot!

Eighth House: If you want to get to the bottom of what holds you back, then you have a window into your soul now. If you desire to change, you can—the impetus is here. This is a good time for a Tarot or astrology reading with someone you trust. Also, ditto the “make love not war” theme.

Ninth House: This is a powerful time to begin a journey to the core of your soul. Right world wrongs or engage upon a course of study, especially formal education. Where in the wide world needs your assistance and expertise? Make the plan to get there.

Tenth House: These are tricky times. You could make decisions to make or break  your reputation this week. Share the control at work. Be the good parent. Don’t abuse your power and authority—you’ve got incredible leadership potential right now, so step up to the plate.

Eleventh House: If you have a brilliant idea, invention, app, or cure for cancer in the works, put it out there. You might gain real traction and get the notice of power players that can move your idea along. As a citizen, take your power into your own hands and commit to vote in the local and national election. Do your bit for humanity.

Twelfth House: It’s time to open to the universe. Powerful messages want to come through you; don’t fiddle your wisdom away on social media. Create a forum for what is coming through that is built to last. Do not fall for existential fear: it isn’t real. You are the master of your own fate.

The Pluto/Mars conjunction is a powerful opportunity to make progress in the area of your life ruled by Capricorn. Armed with information, you can move forward two or three steps. The planets want the best for you, but you have to take action responsibly and with awareness, especially with Mars and Pluto.

Do you want assistance finding how to utilize this power in your own life? Contact an advisor on Keen today while the energies of the transit are at their height.

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