Diosa Readings: Understand Your Relationships and Karmic Connections

Diosa Readings

Have you ever felt an instant connection with someone you just met? Or maybe you’ve questioned why someone keeps reentering your life after you’ve tried to cut ties with them? We all develop relationships throughout our lifetime that have a positive effect on us, but we also encounter ones that are more problematic. Diosa Readings, an advisor on Keen believes that it’s important to understand our connection to others and what lessons we should take away from the interactions we have with the people who come into our lives.

Early encounters 

At a young age, Diosa’s mother recognized her heightened intuition. “It wasn’t an acceptable topic of discussion during that time,” she notes, “but she acknowledged that I had a gift and told me that I should listen to my instincts when I was picking up on something.” Diosa frequently had dreams that would come true and has always been able to tune into what the people around her are feeling, but although she was fascinated with the idea of being an advisor, she didn’t know how to pursue it professionally.

Then, in college, while studying psychology, she met several people who were making a living using their psychic abilities and decided to do some research. In 2004, Diosa found Keen while searching the internet and has been an advisor ever since.

Inspiring interactions

Diosa’s interest in tarot readings began when she was 16 years old. While driving up a hill, her car caught on fire and a woman who lived nearby invited her in to use the phone. “As we waited for help to arrive, she handed me a deck of cards to pass the time. I shuffled them and she did a reading for me.” She was blown away that everything the woman predicted would happen came true. “After that, I bought my own deck of cards and began casually learning how to read them.”

Years later, Diosa found herself involved in a difficult relationship. “It was one of those karmic ties and I found it very difficult to distance myself from this person. I had never shared such a strong connection with someone and I desperately wanted to know what the meaning of our relationship was.” So she threw herself into the cards and began journaling her readings and then events that took place. “That relationship really pushed me to hone in and practice my tarot abilities. As a result, my predictions continued to get more precise.”

During a reading, Diosa combines her psychic and telepathic abilities by using tarot cards and simultaneously acting as a conduit to allow messages to come through. “The card doesn’t hold all of the information—it’s the starting point that takes me on a journey and shows me the whole picture. As I’m channeling, I will see and hear specific messages that may not make sense to me, but when I share it with my clients, they understand the meaning.”

Diosa likes using cards because they allow her to quickly provide accurate and specific answers. “I don’t like wasting my clients’ time. If an advisor doesn’t use cards, they’ll likely pick up random information during a reading and the conversation could go in a direction that the caller isn’t interested in going. Cards help me stay focused on what my client is asking about.”

The significance of soulmates  

Diosa’s experiences have made her a stronger advisor and enable her to better help others. “I truly understand what my callers are going through because I’ve been there. I’ve already pulled every single card and card combination for myself and I know exactly what each one means.”

We all have karmic contracts—perhaps people we know from past lives—and these individuals continually show up in an attempt to fulfill an agreement or to teach us a lesson. Through her vast personal and professional experience, Diosa understands that, “It’s not always easy to deal with these relationships because they’re usually intense and we get caught up trying to figure out what their purpose is, and that prevents us from moving forward. We want things to make sense, and when they don’t, we linger.”

In her experience, soulmates aren’t always romantic connections. Often, encountering a soulmate can be quite painful. “Those relationships are profound and have a bigger meaning than we know. It may feel like they’re holding up a mirror—showing us the ways in which we need to improve ourselves. Many mistake the draw to this persona as love, which can end in rejection and inhibits us from understanding the actual purpose of the relationship.”

Clarity through conscious connections 

Diosa’s approach to facing complicated karmic connections is to look at relationships objectively and help her clients understand the possible reasons for a person’s presence in their life. “We all want clarity and to understand why we feel a certain way about someone. It’s normal. Sometimes we wants to break away and move on from someone who we feel a strong pull toward, but it’s important to understand that these connections are usually not severed easily and the person may continue to come back into our life.”

As an advisor, Diosa’s intention is to prepare her clients for situations that come up and to help them look for the positive aspects. “My psychology background allows me to analyze everything with compassion. I believe in helping my clients tap into their own intuitive abilities and learn to trust their instincts because it’s important to me that they come out stronger and happier. Once we realize that each relationship, even the ones that cause us pain, is a teaching tool, we can begin to recognize the ways that each person in our life empowers us to grow.”

If you’re struggling with a karmic connection or seeking clarity in your relationship, an advisor on Keen, like Diosa Readings, can help.

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