Don’t Fear Change

by Psychic Advisor: Mysticalcraft Arriana

It is such a part of us as humans to worry or fear about changes in our lives. We will fret when we are told of changes coming, but truth is, we want change because we are unhappy or bored with life. Changes can be small and brought into our lives slow and steady to allow us to adjust. There are also times when the foundation is laid, and the change comes harsher and faster than we expected. We can be thrown off guard, and that is why we fear change.

The spirit energy around us guides us and gently nudges us in a new direction. That nudge could trigger a new romance, new promotion, or a new job. At other times, life surprises us and makes us face the changes that we have delayed. Bottom line is, we took our time and finally, spirit is telling us, “It is time!”

Spirit is always around us and guides us, even when we feel alone; it is there around us, setting the stage for what is ahead. It is important to remember that our best outcomes are from taking that leap of faith and when we are fearful, we are pushed by spirit to make that leap. Therefore, we find ourselves attracted to someone we never expected to because they end up being the best for our path. It is important to see changes as a way of moving forward, instead of thinking misery is coming.

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When we stop moving forward, we lose traction in life and we tend to get stuck in a rut that doesn’t bring us happiness. It is never in our best interest to be stuck in the same routine because of fear of change. Instead, it is important to collect the good experiences and keep on exploring your options with new things. We tend to hold onto things and people without remembering that there are other and more options out there to enrich our lives. As we get older, this state of comfort is harder to break because life has taken a toll on us.

Spirit has a hand on our paths and if we choose not to listen to it, it will eventually make us hear. Pay attention to the signs and warnings. Hold confidence that life is what we make it and know that spirit is not punishing you; instead, it is trying to reward you and bring you to a better path.

Our lives flow around us, we go up and down, and as we go through life, we reflect on both good and bad times while we grow and share our experiences. It is important to remember that all experiences can bring us forward because we learn from them. We also can help others learn and grow by sharing our life with those important to us.

When life changes around you suddenly or slowly, take the time to listen. Instead of being fearful, grow confident and take the next adventure spirit has planned for you head on.


About the Author:

Arriana has been a dedicated Keen reader since 2001. Tarot is her speciality as well as pendulum and dream exploration, married with 3 standard poodles. I have many adventures in Canada and the US and am blessed to be able to be apart of the Keen family.

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