The Advisor Content Network: Bringing Psychic Expertise to Keen Articles

Since 1999, the Keen platform has been the premiere destination where those seeking answers can connect with gifted psychic advisors. Advisors on Keen share their advice and wisdom with users, guiding them on a spiritual journey. Other than psychic readings, as many of you blog readers may know, Keen also offers guidance and wisdom through our articles section! Keen articles cover a range of topics within the psychic universe, and are aimed at educating, inspiring, and entertaining the community through content.

Earlier this year, we decided our articles section could be improved by spotlighting the voices of psychic advisors. After all, they are the experts! We realized that advisors on Keen could share their wisdom not only through giving readings, but also by sharing their writing. To bring this vision to life, we launched the Advisor Content Network!

What is the Advisor Content Network?

The Advisor Content Network (ACN) is a collective of advisors on Keen who regularly publish original articles on our site. These articles cover topics such as relationship advice, tarot, astrology, spirituality, lifestyle, and even the “how to’s” of psychic practices.

The goal for this initiative was to shine light on advisors who are gifted psychics and also brilliant writers. Millions of readers visit our articles section each month, and thanks to the Advisor Content Network, these visitors can now be exposed to the expert advice provided by psychic advisors. The ACN helps users discover advisors they may not have connected with before. By reading an advisor-written article, a user may realize they have found the right advisor for them! Giving advisors the power to share their writing with the Keen community also helps strengthen the bonds between advisors and their clients, as the can continue to provide clients with guidance and inspiration, even outside a reading.

Here’s what our advisor writers are saying about the Advisor Content Network:

“I think this is a good outlet for any advisor on Keen; you can do quality content and help others while building your business. I think this is a great idea, and thank you for allowing me to be a part!”

“Since joining the Advisor Content Network, I’ve gotten calls from clients who said they found me because of my article! I love being able to connect with people in a new way. Other than psychic readings, writing is one of my passions – and I love being able to do both on Keen!”

Where can you read ACN articles?

Advisor writers contribute to every section of our Keen articles, including Love, Psychic, Astrology, Tarot, and Spiritual. The articles can be found through the “Articles” dropdown menu at the top of our site. Articles written by advisors always include a byline and author biography that link to the advisor’s listing, where you can place a call or chat.

Check out some of the great articles published by the Advisor Content Network:

·       How to Open Your Energy to Meet Your Soulmate

·       How to Face Your Fears

·       Mercury Retrograde: What to Expect Based on Your Sign

·       Dear Jane: Advice Column for Love & Relationships

·       What Traveling Taught Me About Self-Love

·       What the Full Moon Represents

Interested in writing for the Advisor Content Network?

If you are a psychic advisor passionate about writing great content and sharing your knowledge, the Advisor Content Network might be the right place for you! We are always looking for more advisors to add to the team. To be considered for the ACN, please email [email protected] with your advisor name, a link to your listing, and a writing sample (500 words max). Our content team will review submissions on a rolling basis. Participation is only open to those who are currently advisors on

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