How to Get Grounded

by Psychic Advisor: PsychicPat

Staying grounded and centered can be very hard to do. Everyone has problems that can cause them to lose touch with themselves and their lives, but when you are not grounded, a vicious circle occurs: you become unhappy, so you try to ground yourself again, but it is harder to do so now, so you feel even more unhappy…you get the idea.

Three things can stop you from grounding yourself; physical pain, mental pain, and unhappiness with your life in general/getting too caught up in “things” that blind you from seeing how good your life is.

Grounding asks that you be present in your body and mind, and any of the three things above make it difficult to be present. Let’s look at how they interfere and how you can work with each one.

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Physical Pain

Physical pain prevents you from concentrating on what you need to do to ground yourself, as we all know. It is a horrible thing to not be present in your body because you’re only feeling the pain. Here are a couple of things you can do:

Try to breathe with the discomfort. Breathe to a count of four: inhale 4, hold 4, exhale 4, hold 4, repeat. Concentrate on each number with your breathing and focus on the pain leaving your body. You will feel the pain becoming less and less. Your body will have a better chance now to be grounded. While you are doing the breathing exercises, imagine a white light moving up your body on the inhale and hold, and a green light covering your body on the exhale and hold. Green is a healing color and will help your body focus on getting rid of the pain. This will then allow you to concentrate on grounding yourself.

Mental Pain

Mental pain stops you from grounding because it hurts worse than almost any other pain, because it is harder to let go of. Mental pain is a very vicious cycle: you don’t feel well so it’s hard to ground, and since you’re not grounded you’re more vulnerable, making it even harder to ground. Working with mental pain takes energy and intent, so let’s figure out what you can do. Here are some things that will help:

Remember that when you are grounded, you automatically feel better and more peaceful. Grounding brings balance, which helps to bring peace to you. So, when you are in emotional pain, clear your mind when you attempt to ground. Again, breathe to the count of 4 as indicated above and concentrate ONLY on your breathing. Let everything else leave your mind. You will find that after practicing, you can bring peace to yourself. Once you have found that peace, grounding will be easier.

Does this mean that all the emotional pain will go away? Unfortunately, no. You will still have to work on fixing the issue you have, but being grounded will help you look at it in a new way and allow you to see the answers to your problems.

Want vs. Need

The last thing that stops us from grounding is focusing on what we want, instead of what we need.

We all have stuff. If you’ve never listened to George Carlin’s comedy routine about having stuff, you should because he understands it perfectly. We are all running around trying to get more stuff, keep up with the neighbors, etc. What this does is it blocks us from concentrating on what we NEED rather than what we WANT.

I’ll give you an example. In 2012, I had a house fire that destroyed all of the things in my house. At first, it was a disaster. I felt that it was horrible. I concentrated on everything that I had lost and everything that was missing. I couldn’t concentrate on living or anything.

Then, I realized that 1) I had insurance and 2) all the things I lost were of little importance. My family and fur babies were safe, no one was injured, and we were all together. THAT was what was most important; not the clothes, books, etc. that we lost.

Don’t let yourself get hung up on all of your things. Think instead of what is important to you, your friends, your family, your fur babies (if you have them). They are the ones that are most important, not your things. Stuff is great, but we can always get more stuff.

If you are constantly thinking about what you have/want, it is hard to be grounded. Instead of thinking about that, sit yourself down, do the breathing, and think about what you are grateful for (family, friends, pets, life, health, etc.). This will not only help you get grounded, but it will also help you feel grateful and at peace with your life.


About the Author:

PsychicPat is an Empath, Tarot Reader, Psychic and Medium and has been using these talents for over 40 years. She is a member of the American Tarot Association and loves to help others with her abilities. When not working, she hangs with her husband, family and three dogs.

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