The Empowerment Column: About Those Storms

by Psychic Advisor: Beyond Amazing

Let’s pause together for a moment right now to refresh our awareness in the undeniable natural fact that storms will keep happening.  It is also important to remember the way our most ancient ancestors taught us how to respond.  What they did was go into caves for safety or protection and patiently wait, understanding that the storm will pass and that beauty, new opportunities, healing and happy, sunny days will always return.  Many times, after a big storm, there is some damage, destruction, or even complete devastation of everything that they built.

When devastation happened, our ancestors were never victims or victim-minded over the seeming loss of material things, but were instead grateful for the fortunate and blessed opportunity to continue the journey into the vast adventures of Life, all while rebuilding a new future that will be better and stronger than before.  They knew that it is impossible to lose things that do not belong to us in the first place.  To think or believe otherwise is called the ‘Illusion of Possession.’  It’s an illusion because nothing belongs to us, but we all belong to this world and must abide by its rules governing our very existence.

We are given people to love and things to use and never think that it’s the other way around.  We get to temporarily use and enjoy a vast variety of things, but getting attached to those things is evidently not advised by Nature because inevitable storms and change are coming which will ultimately require, in many cases, detachment from a possession or from the Illusion of Possession.

Detachment is the deep underlying message here when it comes to understanding the meaning for the storm’s existence.   Detachment is coming to all of us, voluntary or not, one way or another. Damage from a fire or a death for example, is a forced or involuntary detachment.

Every funeral further proves that nothing belongs to us. In fact, you can even walk up to the guy in the coffin and ask, “Who does it belong to now sir? You erroneously believed or thought it was your house and your car and your money in the bank, so who does it belong to, now that you’re dead?”  The sooner we learn that “It does not belong to us” the better we will be because detachment is coming and is a most natural way of Life.

The sooner we voluntarily detach the sooner we also put an end to the illusion of a miserable sense of loss.  Our detachment from the Illusion of Possession simply prepares us for any storm.

Purification of Path is the First Law of Nature.  This is why it rains, why there are storms, why the winds blow, why the rivers run, and why we catch colds.  Nature is always cleaning, and cleaning is the dirtiest job there is (just ask anyone who cleans). Storms are intensified moments of abrasive cleansing which detaches us from that which is no longer needed.  For example, our body temple takes what it needs from the foods we eat and then it cleanses by detaching us from the filth it gets rid of as stinky useless waste.

Storms will show up in a variety of ways.  At times a storm can be a path of destruction. A destructive anger storm is our ugliest heated arguments.  A storm is a necessary planetary stress or tension release as in a volcanic explosion or earthquake.  A storm is at the center of a riot.  Our worst unimaginable pain is akin to a deadly storm.  A storm can be one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong.

Why it matters more than ever right now to stay empowered is because this is what will determine whether we end up or become a victim loser or a triumphant winner.  A loser is filled with blaming and excuses while the winner displays persistence and determination in overcoming the setbacks that naturally come from the storms that must happen.  We cannot control everything, but we do control our response to anything and how we respond to the storms reveals where we are in our own level of maturity, consciousness or spiritual awareness.

Eternal Blessings,


Author’s Note: This week’s message is dedicated to my beloved friend Lori Chaffin, the Queen of Diamonds.  She was the publisher and founder of the Nevada Wellness Directory and the Hawaii Wellness Directory.  She honored me earlier in my career by showcasing me in her magazine which led to endless wonderful things.  Today Lori has tens of thousands of people who love, appreciate and admire her as much as I do.  


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