The Empowerment Column: Be Unbotherable

by Psychic Advisor: Rev. Thabiti

Welcome to the first edition of The Empowerment Column!  You are invited to join us here every week from now on, and together we will pause for a moment to take a refreshing vacation break from our problems, fears, worries or concerns.  The intention of this weekly column is to provoke an upward shift in our perception, since the fundamental difference between the enlightened or unenlightened people is perception because they are looking at the same world, but not seeing it the same way.

For starters, there is nothing that you will read here that your Soul does not already know – therefore this is to help us remember what we already know, and find our way to greater enjoyment, harmony, peace and confidence.

In this moment let us stop and take in a deep life-giving breath and as we exhale we release and let go of any FAWG clouding things up in our world.  FAWG = Fear – Anger – Worry – Guilt.

We now reclaim our power to ‘Be Unbotherable’ because nothing can bother, annoy or even matter to us without our approval or permission.  In other words, we say or authorize and determine what can and cannot bother us.  This means that anything that is bothering you is happening because you are giving your power away to things that have no power.  Right now, we reclaim our power and our composure because how we respond to anything that happens reveals the truth in that moment about our level of consciousness, spiritual maturity and awareness.

The goal of Life is Fulfillment because everything that lives simply wants to be satisfied.  The purpose of Life is for the ‘Expansion of Happiness.’  Your life is a gift to be enjoyed and not some silly problem needing to be solved. Each new day comes loaded with infinite opportunities and unlimited possibilities.

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Blaming or Excuses is the formula or recipe and the most certain way to become a loser in life.  Persistence and determination is required to those who want to win.  We cannot control everything, but we do control our response – this gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our depth, patience and inner genius.

Life is your greatest teacher that will never make a mistake (in the same way that the sunrise will never be late) at putting you in the perfect situations and circumstances necessary for your growth and development into higher states of consciousness.  In other words, you are in the situation you are in because something is trying to wake you up, but your willingness and availability are required.

There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. Nothing is happening to upset you because the absolute truth is always revealing itself to liberate and redirect you.  Nothing can make you angry unless you say so, otherwise it has no power. It’s only NOTHING trying to become SOMETHING that cannot be ANYTHING until you let it.

Your life is an innocent mirror reflecting your attitude, perception and belief. This is why ANYONE with a bad attitude is GUARANTEED to be miserable. We must also remember that Divine Law says “The more we complain, the more we shall be given to complain about and the more we become grateful, the more we shall be given to be grateful for.

We are now ready for ‘The What Next’ as we now have our hearts and our minds wide open in being receptive to the abundance of gifts today in the here and now.  We have more than we know what to do with: we have more stars than we can count and more water than we can drink, more people than we can meet, more videos than we can watch, and not enough time to enjoy everything in one’s lifetime.  Scarcity and lack is an illusion – Abundance is Reality.

You can only become more and never less of your true self. As you become more awake and aware, you will begin to see that happiness is everywhere and not something to be sought after and found.  Why? Because you bring happiness with you every day.

A note from the author: This first edition of the Empowerment Column is dedicated to the Honorable Dawn Gibbons, former First Lady of the Great State of Nevada.  Dawn is one of the most amazing and inspirational people I’ve ever known, who was the life-changing trigger that activated a surge in my confidence.  Thank you, Dawn Gibbons for being my beautiful friend and motivational cheerleader.  You’ll always mean more to me than any words can say.    


About the Author:

Rev. Thabiti, known as advisor Beyond Amazing on Keen, is a Personal Forecast Expert at who provides Illuminated Directional Guidance to those who want to enjoy a Superior Advantage over situations and circumstances.

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