The Empowerment Column: The Power Within You

by Psychic Advisor: Rev. Thabiti

Beneath our surface level differences we are ALL ONE and the same. If we say “I am white” or “I am black” or “I am male” or “I am female,” it’s the same ‘Eternal I Am’ expressing and revealing itself.

Within you is your personal connection to the ‘I Am Presence.’ This ‘I Am’ says “Look to me for I Am your source and I Am your supply. Bring unto me all of your heavy laden and I will give you rest, restoration and healing” “I Am that presence that’s never an absence. I Am closer to you than your breathing and nearer than your hands and feet.  You can find me waiting for you within the stillness and silence of your Soul.”

Every planet is exactly where it’s supposed to be at the exact time it’s supposed to be there.  This is why scientists can not only predict or tell us how many years from now, what day and time there will be a solar eclipse, but they can also tell us where on Earth will have the best view of it.  Each day the punctual sunrise proves that Perfect Order is in charge, whether we like it or not.  It does not seek our approval or permission to be what it is or operate as it does. Stress is caused by being at odds with what is. The next time you sit on the toilet is a good time to remember that what is making you sit there also governs the entire Universe, and it does not care what you think or believe, and that’s why you have to sit there and respect this fact.

Let every earthquake, tornado and hurricane be a reminder that Man or mankind does not run the show here on Earth.  In fact, man is running from tsunamis and volcanic explosions for heaven’s sake.  This is why we must ignore all of the nonsense people try to feed us, and yield to the “Let Thy Will Be Done” reality of ALL Existence.  We don’t make the rules of the Universe, but we can choose to comply with them or suffer the consequence.

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The Law of the Universe

The rules are here to serve and not punish.  For example, when we flip the switch, the light must come on regardless of who flips the switch, as long as everything is in compliance with its rules of operation.  It does not matter if you are a Muslim or a Buddhist, a male or a female, the light must come on because Universal Laws must serve All.  If the light does not come on, or if it does not work then, it means that the integrity is broken somewhere.

The Universe cannot violate its own Law. If you plant tomato seed, you’ll get tomatoes and not carrots.  If you do the things that make people wealthy, you will be wealthy, and if you do the things that make people poor, you will be poor.

Your Life is your greatest teacher, and this is what has guided you to read this at this very perfect moment so that you can experience freedom, revelation or have an insightful ‘Ah Ha’ momenet.  You are not a prisoner of circumstance because you create circumstances. You are made in the image and likeness of something that is beyond magnificent. The only way for you to be a prisoner of anything means that you must surrender your power or give up which opposes your natural instinct to win or survive.

Receiving Love and Truth

There is a Love Intelligence governing the Universe and this is the reason why we heal. No matter what has happened before, the future will be the result of better choices we make right now.  We now reclaim the power which remains our birthright.  We remember that our Life is a gift to be enjoyed, and not some complicated problem needing to be solved. The Giver and Provider of All Things has given us more than we know what to do with.  Doubt obstructs our ability to see the constant flow of beautiful miracles happening all over the place.  As soon as doubt is removed, you can expect to experience more good than you can imagine.

We now open our hearts and minds to be more receptive and willing to be guided by the absolute truth that is always revealing itself. We are not angry at the truth, we embrace and accept it.  We are not trying to force it to be what it is not. We allow it to be what it is, exactly as it is.

The Truth sets us free by unshackling us from erroneous beliefs that we have been prisoner, that have been blocking our ability to enjoy the gift and see just how good life really is.  The reason why we say everyday “All is Well” and “Life is Good” is because ‘In the beginning God saw it and said “It is Good” and nothing has changed ever since.

Eternal Blessings,


Author’s Note: This week’s message is lovingly dedicated to Awbrey Beard and the members of her Facebook group ‘Spiritual Healers’ which now has over 100,000 members and climbing.  Awbrey is one of the administrators who has done such an outstanding job with keeping the members empowered, hopeful and supportive to each other, that we want to honor and acknowledge her for all of the good she brings to life each and every day. Awbrey, I want to personally and publicly thank you for all of the support you have given to me.  You are a shining example leading the way in sharing what Empowerment is all about.   


About the Author:

Rev. Thabiti, known as advisor Beyond Amazing on Keen, is a Personal Forecast Expert at who provides Illuminated Directional Guidance to those who want to enjoy a Superior Advantage over situations and circumstances.

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