Advisor Content Network Spotlight: Adored Angel

Psychic Advisor Advisor Angel

This piece is a part of a larger series titled, “ACN Spotlight,” where we highlight psychic advisors on Keen who write articles for the Advisor Content Network.

“We all have the power to channel whatever our heart desires in regards to what it is that we want to see and happen.” – Adored Angel

Adored Angel’s positive and loving attitude shines a radiant light on life. She preaches the importance of having a positive perspective in order to manifest your wants and needs. As a firm believer of following your heart and your happy feelings to reach your goals, Adored Angel writes articles for the Advisor Content Network that provide her readers with tools and practices to live a more fulfilled life.

Her psychic readings and her writings go hand in hand. Her writing style mimics her process of how to go about giving someone an effective and accurate reading. First, she thinks about what is most important to her client/reader; after establishing what this topic is, she then thinks about what needs to be called to attention. By understanding these two things, she is then able to relay to individuals what message to look out for in their life.

Next, Adored Angel plans to write a series on “Women’s Work,” which will touch on topics of marriage, sex, and motherhood. She wants to write about these topics to give her clients an opportunity to hear, feel, understand, and know more about themselves.

Not only does Adored Angel write to help others, she also writes to share and express her creative energy. The Advisor Content Network puts creative minds together to provide stories that resonate with people around the world.

Check out some of her articles:

Divination: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

How to Use Different Candle Colors in Meditation

The History of Candle Magick

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About the Advisor:

Adored Angel (Desiree Szabo) is an angelic interpreter who sheds gentle light on life’s toughest problems. Her background as a psychic is formal training as a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy, and the Healing Angels of the Energy Field. She has been practicing her work since early childhood. Her specialty is helping you to see the light, through prayers, healings, cellular angelic energy and angel card readings.

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