The Empowerment Column: Trust the Process

by Psychic Advisor: Beyond Amazing

There is something that sees to it that every planet is where it’s supposed to be at the exact time it’s supposed to be there. This Perfect Order behind everything is why it is impossible for the sunrise to ever be late. Perfect Order is why you are reading this right now. The more we understand that Perfect Order is governing the entire Universe, the easier it becomes to Trust the Process.

An acorn planted in soil may not understand why its walls are breaking down or why everything seems to be falling apart, but in truth, what is really happening is that a mighty oak tree is emerging powerfully from within. This is the perfect process it must go through according to basic Laws of Nature.

Days before a chicken is born, the chick grows increasingly uncomfortable inside the egg each day until ultimately a peck is triggered that pokes a hole in the shell. Then light from the outside enters and the chick keeps pecking its way out of the shell until it enters a whole new paradigm.  In this case, if we try to help the chick out of the egg too early, we will kill it because it must go through its natural development process as it builds the muscles necessary to survive.

It’s also the same rule when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.  We Trust the Process and we allow it to take its course since it is the will or way of Mother Nature.

In order for the process to work perfectly, adversity is absolutely necessary.  We cannot have inhale without exhale, happy without sad, or pleasure without pain.  Adversity does not exist to anger you, disappoint or bring you down.  Adversity exists to build and/or strengthen you into the Greater You that you’re about to become. Pushing or pulling against resistance or adversity is how we build stronger muscles in the gym. Adversity builds strength and develops character.

Since you can only become more and never less of your true self means there is right now a ‘New You’ coming through.  Therefore, don’t get too distracted by the birth pains or else you will miss out on the beauty of the birth. The birth pains or bruises are part of the process. We Trust the Process because we know that That which governs Life knows exactly what It is doing and has done so since the beginning of time.

Your Life is your greatest teacher (operating within perfect order) that will never make a mistake at putting you in the perfect situations and circumstances necessary for you to awaken spiritually or advance you into higher states of consciousness.

It is now time to go forth and multiply the consciousness of the All Good!

Eternal Blessings,


Author’s Note: This week’s message is dedicated to my beautiful beloved friend Bob ‘Tony’ Ching of Hawaii and Las Vegas.  Tony is a super role model who helps as many people as possible to have prosperous, healthy, happy and successful lives.  He is a strong advocate of physical fitness and his obvious love of everyone is why those closest to him say “He is someone who has never met a stranger.” Tony, you probably have no idea how much you matter to so many of us.  You are loved and appreciated more than you know.  Keep on shining the Light of the Eternal Life which is rooted in and governed by, the power of love.  


About the Author:

Rev. Thabiti, known as advisor Beyond Amazing on Keen, is a Personal Forecast Expert at who provides Illuminated Directional Guidance to those who want to enjoy a Superior Advantage over situations and circumstances.

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