Empress Tarot Robyn: Coping with Crisis and Creating a Plan for Your Future

Empress Tarot

In times of crisis, staying calm and rational feels impossible — yet it is vital in order to create a plan that inspires hope that will pull you through. Robyn, also known as Empress Tarot on Keen, specializes in crisis management and suggests calling a trusted confidant when overwhelmed. Over the years, she has helped countless individuals through difficult times and worked with them step-by-step to formulate a plan of action for the future. 

Discovering Her Passion 

The eldest of seven children, Robyn was raised in a large family, all of whom have psychic abilities. “It was a very normal thing in our house and we used it so much that it became second nature. Growing up, I thought everyone had dreams that came true. It wasn’t until I was 13 that I realized this was a unique ability.” 

Robyn’s grandmother taught her pendulum, tarot, and tea leaf readings. “I always wanted to read professionally, but I only knew of psychics that ran small business out of their homes and I didn’t want to go that route.” 

In 1987, Robyn took a course on crisis intervention that inspired her to advocate for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, which she did for the next 21 years. She also became a professional crisis counselor. 

“During that time, I often wished I could use my psychic abilities to help the people I was counseling,” says Robyn. “I knew that, if I could use my tarot cards, I’d pick up on helpful insights that would allow me to better guide the people I was talking with.” 

Using Her Abilities to Help 

Working as a counselor inspired Robyn to start reading again on the side. She joined the American Tarot Association and a friend eventually introduced her to Keen. In December of 2000, Robyn became an advisor on the site and, five months later, she left her counseling job to advise full-time. 

“I feel that I’m able to reach more people with Keen’s platform. I can work more hours and connect with callers from all over the world,” she says. 

Robyn’s years of experience gave her a better perspective on how to help people during difficult times. “In the midst of a crisis, it’s difficult to access our coping skills because we are stressed and our adrenaline can be high. When our body is in that mental and physical state, it’s best to talk with someone you trust who can see everything from an unbiased perspective and then help develop an action plan to get you out of that negative situation.” 

Identifying the Issue 

Robyn’s readings combine tarot and psychic intuition. “For me, the cards provide detail enrichment that I’d otherwise have to spend valuable time searching for. It makes my readings quicker and more efficient.” 

When someone calls in crisis, Robyn first makes sure they’re in a safe place. She then listens to their situation and concerns. “Once I understand what they need, I can answer their questions and mentor them on what their next move should be.” 

Robyn has found that when we’re struggling with a dilemma, sometimes we just need something hopeful to hold on to. “If someone is experiencing a hard time, I often use the cards to read three things in their future that they have to look forward to. I also like to send pictures of the cards I pull for them because they’re so full of imagery. The cards tell a story and I like my clients to see that for themselves because sometimes the visual resonates with them and they find reassurance in the bigger picture.” 

Taking Steps to Heal 

If you’re facing a crisis and you’re unable to speak with a trusted companion, Robyn suggests following these steps to calm down until you can call her or another trained professional:

1. Get yourself to a safe place. Your well-being is the first priority. 

2. Take slow, deep breaths and do breathing exercises to calm down. 

3. Make sure to stay hydrated and well nourished. 

4. If available, try taking a bath with salts to relax. 

5. Once calm, spend some time visualizing the outcome that you’d like to unfold. 

Robyn always focuses on visualization with her clients. “It’s the key to developing a long-term plan. Once you know where you want to end up, we can start devising immediate steps to take that will eventually get you there.” 

No matter what the dilemma, Robyn finds it humbling to work with others. “Being an advisor has shown me how remarkably similar we all are, deep down. When people open up to me and share their hearts, it makes me feel more connected to humanity as a whole. It’s never my place to judge because we all deal with hard times. What’s incredible about Keen is that there’s someone available to help 24/7 and you never have to worry about feeling embarrassed because callers can remain completely anonymous. I think that’s a beautiful thing and I’m grateful that I can play a part in people’s healing.” 

If you find yourself in a personal crisis and need a listening ear to turn to for advice, advisors on Keen, like Empress Tarot, are here to help.

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