Everything You Need to Know About a Psychic Empath

psychic empath

Have you ever met someone who just knew how you were feeling without you saying a word? They may be a gifted empath – someone who is deeply in tune to the needs of others. 

While everyone has the ability to access their psychic side, there are people out there who seem to have a knack for reading the needs of others. Understanding what is not said and holding space for them are the common characteristics of a psychic empath.

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What is a Psychic Empath?

Empathy is the ability to read other people’s emotions without them being told to us. It is the superpower of understanding other people’s thoughts and feelings, but this gift comes with consequences. Being a psychic empath means having a tendency to carry other people’s emotional baggage. Psychic empaths may find themselves regularly drained and need to learn basic shielding skills to avoid absorbing other people’s energies. 

Psychic empaths typically have one or more of the following extrasensory abilities – clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, or claircognizance. This may strengthen with age. 

Empath and Psychic Abilities

Psychic empaths can use their skills to detect subtle changes in energies. This makes psychic empaths particularly gifted in reiki, crystal healing, and other forms of shamanism. An advanced psychic empath may even see auras and be able to tell which chakras are blocked. Their clairvoyance makes them very gifted as spiritual advisors and they may build careers in mediumship. Most practicing psychic empaths lean toward careers as spiritual advisors or healers. You may even find them working as doctors, nurses, counselors, and therapists where they are able to put their skills to great use. 

Psychic Empath Struggles

With great power comes great responsibility. The struggles that psychic empaths face is their innate ability to read energy means that they have a hard time separating their own from others. It is common for psychic empaths to absorb negative energies from others and feel drained. Because of this, most are fairly introverted. They may seek out time alone to recharge their batteries and, if they haven’t developed effective energy shielding techniques, they may feel constantly exhausted by the company of others.

Protect Your Energy

If you are a psychic empath, here are a few ways you can shield your energy and avoid being drained by others:

  • Go into nature. Take a walk in the forest or sit in a field. Go to the beach and meditate on the sand. This is a great way to clear your mind and recharge your energy.
  • Carry crystals on you that shield you from negative energy such as black tourmaline, black obsidian, amethyst, and selenite. 
  • Meditate daily.
  • Smudge yourself and your house with sage to purify the energy.
  • Clean your physical spaces and create a sanctuary that is just yours.
  • Check in with yourself after spending time with people. If you feel drained by their company, it is an indicator that you need to develop firmer boundaries.
  • When you feel drained by something or someone, take some time to close your eyes and visualize a powerful white light surrounding you.

Psychic empaths are deeply in tune with the energy around them. They can pick up subtle shifts and read the intentions of others in profound ways. If you are looking to grow in your psychic ability, you can read more on how to become a psychic here. 

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