How to Face Your Fears

by Keen Psychic Advisor: PsychicPat

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future” – John F. Kennedy

Spring is the perfect time to look at our lives and prepare for rebirth. This is the time of blooming, planting and visualizing how our gardens will look in the future.

It’s easy to say, “Bloom where you are planted”, but it’s more difficult to do. What if the area where you are planted isn’t good for you? How do you change? I would like to include some small ways to change your life and open it to blooming better, fuller and longer than before.

Create a Dream Board

As we grow, we sometimes lose the ability to dream about our future. To counteract that, you can create a Dream Board. What do you want to do in your life? What crazy ideas do you have, trips you want to take, business you want to open? Create a board that details everything you want in your life. Whatever you are dreaming about, put it on the board, using pictures or any other way you want.

Looking at this board will help you to visualize your future and picture yourself in your goal.  It will help you to begin to dream again, to look at the possibilities you have in front of you.

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Let Go of Your Regrets

We all have regrets. Things that we would like to have done differently, people we have hurt.  Let go of these, it does no good to think about everything bad that has happened or we have done in our past. It is the future we are talking about; where we want to go, not where we have been.

Letting go is hard, but there are ways that I have found that help. First, write all your regrets on a post-it note or sheet of paper, then burn it. While it is burning, say goodbye, and tell yourself you are letting go. Another way is to get a package of balloons, blow them up, write a regret on each one and let them go. As they float into the sky, say goodbye to the regret and release it to the universe.

Face Your Fears:

It is very hard to face our fears. We want to ignore them, hoping they will go away and never come back. The problem here is that they never go away. Yet once we have faced these fears, looked them over and understood them, the fear is less and we can move on.

Decide which fear to face first. Fear of failure? I have had to overcome this multiple times.  At one point I was afraid to take a job that moved my family across country, because the last time it happened, it went very badly.  By facing that fear and understanding that each situation is different, I was able to accept a new job and move forward. If I had not faced the fear, I would not have moved forward with my life and would not have had the experiences that made me who I am today.

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Accept Yourself:

The only person who can change your life is you, and you need to accept yourself to do it. There are times that you don’t like yourself, or other people don’t like you, and we can’t avoid this. However, if you accept yourself, you can make things better. Accept your limitations and skills, understand what you are good at and what you’re not, and be okay with that. Putting yourself down, or allowing others to do so, will lead to a life of unhappiness.

Love yourself and give yourself permission to do this. It’s okay to not be perfect, none of us are.  Understand that striving for perfection is good, but it is a goal that will never be met, as we all have flaws. Don’t worry about what people think and don’t worry about what they say behind your back. It’s okay!

Take Time for Yourself:

Give yourself the okay to spend time on yourself and have fun. So many of us are caught up on helping others, caring for family, friends and acquaintances that we forget the most important person: us. Take time each week to recharge your energy and get back on track, so that you have enough energy to share with others.

Make a coffee date for yourself; go window shopping, go to a gym. The possibilities are endless, but each week make sure you do something for you. Don’t take someone else, it’s okay to be selfish once in a while!

Take Control:

Take control of your feelings, your thoughts, and your reactions. We can’t control what others do, say or think.  We CAN control what we do, say, think and how we react.

If you find yourself thinking negatively, or saying negative things, stop and consider why.  What has caused the negativity? Is it how your feel about someone, or are they always complaining, always making you feel bad? Turn that around and meet negativity with positivity. If someone always seems to be complaining, don’t let them into your life more than you have too.  You can be polite, but don’t buy into the negativity. Do what you have to do with them and then move on.

Try these steps to help your life bloom, and you will see huge results.  You will move forward to what you want to be, what you want your life to be, and you will see changes in career, romance and other areas that will change your life!


About the Author:

PsychicPat is an Empath, Tarot Reader, Psychic and Medium and has been using these talents for over 40 years. She is a member of the American Tarot Association and loves to help others with her abilities. When not working, she hangs with her husband, family and three dogs.

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