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by Psychic Advisor: Empress Tarot

Magical, cleansing salt baths are a wonderful way to dispel negative energy and infuse your mind, body (even your aura) with shining, positive energy! And they’re great for washing worries down the drain, too—and let’s face it, that’s something we could all use during these uncertain times. Not to mention, social distancing means you’re spending more time at home than ever, so you finally have time to treat yourself to that warm, relaxing bath. 

While you’re at it, why not whip up some magical soap to enhance the experience? You can even help boost your mood by engaging in a cleansing ritual to wash away negativity and encourage positive power within your home. Consider strategically placing a small mirror in your bathroom to repel unfavorable energy. 

If you don’t have a bathtub, don’t despair— it’s simple to adapt this concept to showers, as well.

Making a salt bath couldn’t be easier. All you absolutely need is a handful of salt. I prefer either Mediterranean sea salt or scented bath salts, but table salt works just as well. Once you have the salt handy, the next step is to run your bath water and add the salt. Immerse yourself as much as possible in the salted water and concentrate your will upon the cleansing properties of your magical bath. When you’re feeling completely cleansed and relaxed, pull the plug and watch the water carry away all the negative energy and worries.

If you’re using a shower instead of a tub, simply turn it on and wait until the shower begins to steam. Throw the salt into the spray of water and immediately step into the steam to receive the full benefits of a salt bath. This works wonderfully well with scented bath salts as well. I love stepping into a shower that smells of eucalyptus and ginger.

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Magical Bath Salts Recipe

Although it isn’t necessary, I love making bath salts that serve certain purposes.  Here, for example, is a recipe designed to help you attract love.


·       Glass jar – one with a glass lid is ideal

·       Spoon for mixing

·       Epson Salts & kosher, sea salt, or table salt (all available at the grocery store)

·       Rose or Ylang Ylang oil

·       Orange oil

·       Ginger oil


Measure out approximately 1/4 cup Epsom salts and 1/4 cup of whichever other salts you choose. Add them to the jar and stir to mix them well. Add four drops of each oil to the jar. Immediately cover the jar and shake well to mix the salt and oils. You can use this mixture immediately, but it’s even better to wait until the oils have had time to completely permeate the salt.

Magical Bath Salts for Attracting Money

Considering we’re all social distancing and quite possibly, are out of a job, try this bath for attracting money instead. Simply follow the same procedure, but substitute almond and allspice for the rose and orange oils!


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