How to Manifest Your Dream Job Using the Law of Attraction

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If there’s one thing many of my friends are frustrated with, it’s their jobs. Most of us didn’t expect to have jobs we loved straight out of college, but for many, career still is an area where we lack clarity, direction, and inspiration. Sound familiar? Read on.

My girlfriends and I have an informal women’s circle, and at our last meeting, I brought up the whole job thing. Among my friends, I’m one of the few who is doing work she loves—as a psychic—but the path to get here wasn’t always smooth. I wanted to talk about the Law of Attraction and ways to use manifestation to get a career you love.

Getting Clear: A Visualization

I brought a visualization to help my friends figure out what they really want. Clarity is a huge issue! If you don’t know what you want, you can’t manifest anything truly amazing. Probably you’ll just create what you don’t want; after all, the Law of Attraction is active all the time, whether you are consciously using it or not.

You can do this visualization on your own as long as you’re in a clear, meditative space—whatever that means for you: yoga, bath, or an actual meditation technique. You’re going to travel to the location of your dream job. If you don’t really know where that is, just ask your guides to help you get there. When you are ready, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths…

Imagine you are crossing a little bridge. When you get to the other side, see yourself closing your eyes for a moment. When you open them again (inside your vision), you will be in the place of your ideal career. 

Notice where you are. Outside? Inside? What kind of clothes are you wearing? Who is around you? Are you alone? Check out your environment and notice what tools are nearby. Maybe you find yourself in a garden. Maybe you’re in a sleek office with an impressive array of tech tools. Maybe it’s a busy kitchen, and you are immersed in the tastes and smells of delicious food. Whatever you are seeing, note the details without judgment. Also, notice how you feel while doing this work. Take a few more moments to observe other details of your dream work environment. See yourself doing it well, being acknowledged, compensated, fulfilled. Experience those feelings in your body.

Now, return to the room, gently, knowing you will revisit these feelings and visions again. Give thanks for your clarity, and when you are ready, open your eyes.

I gave everyone time to journal a bit. One friend was frustrated—she hadn’t seen anything but instead kind of fell asleep (I assured her she could try again, and she came for a session later so I could help her access her vision). Then we had a tea break and went on to the next exercise.

Writing From the End

One of the women in the circle is a writer, so she asked if she could lead this next part. It’s a natural fit with the visualization exercise and brings in a more practical approach. 

Once you get clarity on the dream situation—even if it surprised you or seems crazy or unattainable—the next step is to describe yourself fully in that life and how you got there. Yes, you are making this up. You are accessing your intuition and imagination (wherein lies the real power of the Law of Attraction) to write the story of how you got your dream career. Because you don’t “know” it with your left brain (it hasn’t happened yet), you must imagine it with your right brain. Let yourself become immersed in the storytelling aspect of this exercise. You don’t need to be a good writer or even a creative person; just go with your instincts. How did you get to this great new job from where you are right now? Write it down, without censoring yourself, backward from your end vision of success.

For super analytical people, this exercise may be hard. But I assure you, it is super powerful and can reveal guidance and wisdom from the Universe that would not come through if you were logically thinking about getting from A to C. 

Feeling It Into Being

The homework for the group was to make an actual map of their written story and create a vision board of their dream career—both of which should go up on your wall at home. The roadmap is the first draft of the practical steps you will need to take toward your best career.

The next step is revisiting the feelings from the visualization and working those into our daydreams of the dream job to come. An essential element of the Law of Attraction is imagining how it would feel to achieve the desired results and then visualizing this happening. This is like broadcasting a strong signal to the Universe of what you want. 

The combination of feeling, seeing, and taking concrete steps is what it takes to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your best livelihood successfully. It does take some work and courage on your part. But when you have a vision, are aligned with the feeling of success and positive enjoyment, and show up for the work of attaining it, the Law of Attraction will make your dream a reality.

For me, I wanted to manifest some peers to collaborate with for workshops, so after the women’s group, I did my own work with the Law of Attraction. So far, I’ve met one fabulous woman to work with and have contacted another possible peer. Other ladies are seeing results too. It takes time, but if you stay the course, you will see results—usually better than you could have hoped for.

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Zada is a Boston-based intuitive and spiritual blogger, Yogi, and dog mom to two Cocker Spaniels, Demi and Bruce. She specializes in Tarot and Reiki, and uses her intuitive gifts to help individuals reach enlightenment and lead their most authentic lives every day through meditation, visualization, and Jivamukti. Her spirit animal is a Pegasus named Randy.


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