How to Use a Vision Board to Harness the Law of Attraction

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“It came true! It came true!” Selena squealed. “That picture—it happened!”  

It took me a moment to realize what my friend was freaking out about, but then it clicked—we’d had a vision board party a few months back, and something from her board had manifested for her.

“Which thing?” I asked. “There were a lot of pictures.”

She laughed. “The job. Remember that image of the lady in the preschool? Well—that’s me now! It’s all working out perfectly!”

Well, of course! That’s what happens when you work with the Law of Attraction! And though there are a zillion ways to work with manifestation, creating a vision board—a collage of images that represent what you want in your life—is one of the most effective and fun methods. 

Gather the Components

I suggest you get some friends together for this activity. It seems like the boards I create in a group end up being supercharged somehow. But don’t worry if you need or prefer to work solo—the vision board is a powerful visual representation of your desires regardless of your process, and you can follow the same steps alone as when working with a group. 

You’ll need to collect a big pile of magazines—all sorts. You can gather them from home, have everyone bring some, or grab stacks at a scrap shop or library sale. Unless you have very specific things you are trying to manifest, you don’t need to buy any—just go with whatever is handy. You can also have art supplies on hand, like watercolor paints, colored pencils, or pastel crayons. It depends on your crew of people; some folks freeze at the sight of art supplies while others are inspired. In any case, you will definitely need glue sticks, several pairs of scissors, and a piece of cardboard or foam core for each person. The size doesn’t matter; big boards are easier and you can cram a bunch on there, but little boards are just as powerful. If you are making a board for the general year, I’d go bigger, like 16×20. If you are working with one idea or component of your life, try using a board that is 4×6 or 8×10. 

Making the Magic

Before we come together, I have everyone start thinking about what they want to attract in the coming year (or whatever—you can also focus on specific aspects of your life, like love or money). This way, the ideas have been marinating by the time we start actually making the boards. If people feel stuck about what they want (more common than you’d think), I’ll do a quick reading for them beforehand to help jumpstart the inspiration. Some of my friends use their solar return astrological charts for direction, too.

The first step is to get comfy in a space where you (hopefully!) won’t be disturbed. A word of caution: cats and kiddos love this activity, but they can be a big distraction. Let honey keep baby occupied and sprinkle catnip elsewhere in the house—and shut the door! I tend to do these parties around New Year’s, so we always have a fire, mulled wine or cider, and a cozy feeling. Peaceful music and incense are great, too. Then we throw our magazines in the pile, and the games begin!

The task is to collect words and images that speak to whatever you are trying to manifest. It can be a literal picture of the thing or an image that embodies the essence of your desire. Just go with first impressions—it doesn’t have to make sense. If you like an image, tear it out, and put it in your pile. You’ll sort through later.

After image collection, I recommend taking a half hour to forty-five minute break. I like to tidy the pile of supplies and magazines while someone else gets dinner organized in the kitchen. Once you’ve had a moment to clear your mind, it’s time to put it all together!

Creating a collage is an intuitive process. I beg you not to apply your logical mind! Just flow with the process. You will narrow down your images and glue them to the board. Everyone has their own style, so do whatever works without getting too perfectionistic. You can decorate the board with the art supplies and make any kind of collage you like. And while you are doing it, know that you are creating a manifestation spell. A prayer. An action toward attracting your desires.

Keep in mind a few no-nos, however: don’t use pictures of real people, don’t make your dreams and desires about other people, and don’t include things you “should” want but don’t. The goal is to attract YOUR true desires. 

When you are finished, you have the option of sharing your boards with the group. Stating your intentions aloud is powerful. But hey—if it’s going to traumatize you, don’t do it. Even when I’m alone, I say aloud what each image or group of images represents. 

How Does it Work?

The Law of Attraction is basically this—where attention goes, energy flows. In it’s simplest form, that means that whatever you focus on, powerfully and repetitively, will come into physical being. As you put the board in a place where you will see it every day, your subconscious will continue to register the images and do its diligent job of transmitting them to the universe. It will influence your conscious mind to take the best actions toward your desires, and it will allow your superconscious mind to provide inspiration and opportunity. 

Vision boards are useful because they contain images and intentions—both things that inspire the subconscious and conscious mind. And your mind is truly powerful. Remember that not everything will manifest at once—or even at all. But some things will. Trust me, and try it for yourself—you’ll be amazed at the difference some simple manifestation techniques can make in your life. 

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