How to Use Telepathy

how to use telepathy

Ever had a friend’s name pop into your head right before they call you? While it may seem like a coincidence, this may just be telepathy.

Telepathy is a term that was first coined back in 1882 by classical scholar Frederic W. H. Myers who believed in mind power and thought-transference. While many may regard telepathy as coincidence because it’s hard to prove in the science world, studies have shown its potential efficacy—brain-to-brain communication may be very possible without using the five main senses and below is a guide to how you can develop telepathic abilities.  

What Does Telepathy Mean?

The transmission of information from one person to another without using the five main senses of sight, smell, touch, sound, or taste, but rather through an unseen medium is commonly referred to as telepathy. Like an unspoken language, telepathy is the sharing of thoughts and ideas between two or more people and can be seen as a reflection of one’s intuitive ability as well as an example of a powerful, psychic connection.

It is common for mothers and their children to share a powerful telepathic connection. A mother’s instinct to keep her child safe sees her senses are always on alert and she is able to intuit her child’s needs even when they are not clearly expressed. 

Twin flames and soul mates also share a very potent telepathic connection. It is common for the two to be able to finish each other’s sentences or know how the other is feeling even in separation.

How to Use Telepathy

Telepathy is a gift. Empaths are naturally telepathic and have extrasensory perception. They can tune into the needs of others without them needing to say or do anything. You can use telepathic abilities to make people feel seen or heard when they are struggling to communicate. Sometimes, just knowing that someone feels a certain way and being able to console them with a hug is enough to soothe them. 

Need to tap into your telepathic ability? Here’s how to use telepathy:

  1. Start in a meditative state. Clear your mind and center your energy.
  2. Imagine the person standing before you. Focus your energy outward to that person.
  3. Send a simple, clear message to someone you have a strong psychic bond with. Start by keeping it small and repeating the message in your mind several times as you visualize them receiving it. 
  4. Return to meditation and ask them for their response.
  5. Be patient. Your person may take some time to respond. They may reach out to you via phone or text, or they may use more passive communication such as liking your social media post. In some cases, they may enter your dream state and deliver a message.

How to Learn Telepathy

We all have psychic powers. Some of us are more tapped in than others, but we all have the capability to develop telepathic techniques. To strengthen your sixth sense, try to practice telepathic exercises regularly. You can develop your telepathy through the following daily practices:

  1. Guess who is calling when the phone rings
  2. Guess the time before checking
  3. Ask your partner to get you something from the store and see if they return home with it.
  4. Record your dreams in a journal.
  5. Send a mental image to a loved one and then ask them what you were visualizing.
  6. Before doing a psychic reading, ask for an image or phrase and share that with the querent.

Whether you are highly skilled in mental telepathy or you are just starting out, we all need a third-party perspective at times to help shine the light on our connections. At KEEN, our team of expert psychic readers are ready and willing to help you get the clarity you seek. Browse our readers and reach out via phone call or chat today.

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