How to Use a Crystal Ball

how to use a crystal ball

Traditionally made of crystal or glass, a crystal ball is used by fortune-tellers as a tool for clairvoyance and scrying. They are usually set on a small stand atop a table where the fortune-teller can gaze into the crystal sphere for divination.

Crystal balls date as far back as the 1st century CE. Pliny the Elder described the use of crystal balls as “crystallum orbis” used by soothsayers. By the 5th century CE, scrying became widespread throughout the Roman Empire and crystal balls were a popular tool for divination.

In the Victorian era, crystal ball gazing was also popular. It is believed to work best at dusk when the sun is close to setting. The ball is said to mist up from within right before the appearance of a vision.

Crystal balls are also popular tools in mentalism. Stage magicians sometimes use them to ask questions given from their audience. 

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Crystal Ball Predictions

Scrying is the process of seeing images in objects or elements. You can use water, fire, and crystal balls specifically to scry. When the art of scrying is used with crystal balls, the technique is known as crystallomancy or crystal gazing. Crystal balls typically fill with smoke before images appear. The color of the smoke can be an indication of what is to come.

Blue clouds: Success in career or business

Gold clouds: Prosperity, increase in cash flow, and renewed romance 

Green clouds: Improved health and happiness 

Orange clouds: Troubled emotions, blockages, frustrations, and anger

Red clouds: Potential danger 

White clouds: Good fortune on the horizon

Yellow clouds: Obstacles in the way

Gray/Dark gray: Misfortune, warning

Black clouds: Warning, potential danger

How to Use a Crystal Ball

When preparing to do a crystal ball reading, you should first seek out a quiet, calm space. You will want to pick a place with dim lighting to optimize your gazing. 

  1. Once you have chosen your spot, consider smudging the area with sage or palo santo to neutralize the energy.
  2. Light some incense (frankincense, sandalwood, sage, or copal are great choices) and a candle. The mix of light and shadow with the incense will help create the atmosphere for drawing out images. Place the candle behind you.
  3. Meditate in the space. Close your eyes and silence your mind. Focus on a white light in your mind’s eye that spreads around you and engulfs the space.
  4. Lay your hands gently on the crystal ball for two minutes to help infuse it with your energy. 
  5. Take your hands off the ball and gaze into it. Be sure not to stare but to soften your gaze as you look into the crystal ball.
  6. Think about your question. When you see smoke appearing in the ball, observe it as it fills and an image forms. 
  7. Be patient. The images may seem unrelated if you are new to crystal ball gazing but over time, you will sharpen your psychic abilities and familiarize yourself with the crystal ball. This will ensure the images become more succinct.
  8. Thank your crystal ball for the images, smudge it and wrap it in a velvet cloth for storage. You may wish to leave it out under a full moon to charge it.
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