If Psychics Are Real, Why Don’t They Win the Lottery?

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…And prevent crimes, plane crashes, have perfect relationships, get straight A’s on tests…

The list of things that psychics “should” be able to do is long, and skeptics love to ask the lottery question.

So, short answer: the reason psychics can’t predict lottery results is because the computers or machines that produce the random numbers aren’t human. And psychics can’t work with machines (not yet anyway!). There’s no energy to read, no soul, no life. Besides, prediction is not an exact science, and it’s better to use psychic abilities to help people evolve and grow, not to seek financial gain. 

What Do Psychics Actually Do?

Most psychics have skills they have cultivated from a natural talent or ability. This may include being able to see visions, hear guidance, or just know things. Psychic ability is really just enhanced and developed intuition, and, as such, is available to everyone. 

Almost all the psychics I’ve worked with don’t actually predict the future. I know, I know, we’ve all seen people advertising their ability to reveal the secret of your future—and certainly psychics in movies and TV often have frightening visions of impending events like murders and plane crashes. Or a Tarot reader lurks behind a curtain and warns of dangerous strangers and—cue the scary music—turns over the Death card. Cut to commercial. 

But this isn’t the real world of intuitives, healers, psychics, and spiritual advisors. If you take a look at advisor profiles on Keen, you’ll see regular people who are using their specific skills to help others. They may use different tools—like Tarot cards or astrology—but their goals are the same: help their clients live the best, most authentic lives possible. Cultivate love, abundance, and success. Even if we could predict lottery numbers for ourselves, that really doesn’t serve these higher level goals of helping others.

Psychics help you see what is hidden from yourself, whether that’s a past life issue, limiting beliefs, or negative energies that may be attached to you. They may look at potential outcomes of a situation. They may help heal the chakras or energetic field. Some may even be able to help you communicate with a deceased loved one or connect you with spirit guides or animals. But most will not tell you how your life is going to unfold. That is up to you.

When A Prediction Becomes A Burden

I have seen too often the negative results of making predictions for my clients. First off, even though I may stress that what I’m seeing is only a potential, people will latch onto what I say and then become blind to any other possibility.

Renee begged me to tell her about her future husband. I told her what I saw. She became fixated on the exact vision: a blond man, quite tall, possibly foreign. She didn’t even consider dating a man who didn’t match this description, and her travel plans began to revolve around meeting this man. The man I saw did not materialize; meanwhile, she spent years ignoring any number of great men because they didn’t fit the picture.

Lynda took a reading that suggested she would find career success in a certain region of the country too much to heart. She moved, found an interim job, and sat back to wait for the “magic” of the place to deliver the perfect job. Because she thought the vision was her “destiny,” she didn’t put any effort into creating the potential opportunity. Needless to say, it didn’t materialize.

All of us who practice in this realm have many such stories. Predictions are not set in stone; they are information about possible choices and outcomes at one point in time.So even if I predicted the winning lottery numbers, there is no guarantee that would actually happen. I find my clients are much better served when I help them remove blocks, limiting beliefs, and guide them to their own wisdom. 

The Gift of Free Will

We are blessed to have free will in our lives. Though there may be people and events that we have chosen before incarnation to meet or experience, we are always making new choices. Even while you are working out accumulated karma, you are also creating it in every moment. 

A spiritual advisor is a helper, a supporter, and an ally—not someone who is going to make sure you win the lottery or ace your exams. With realistic expectations, you’ll find that psychics can help you in ways that far surpass predictions about the future. 

If you are ready to explore possibilities for your best life, why not call an advisor on Keen today? 

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