Why Do Some Psychics Use Tools Such As Tarot, Runes, Or Crystals?

woman holding large amethyst

The first time I had a psychic reading at a Renaissance Fair, the woman used Tarot cards,  crystals, and read palms, which is what I asked her to do. But I was particularly intrigued by the crystals—how did they work? Did they work? I was too shy to ask, but the following year when the fair came back to my area, I sought her out again and this time had her pull crystals for me. The reading was very different from when she read my palm, but it was still fascinating and accurate.

Years later, when I was developing my own psychic abilities, I explored Nordic Runes. I devoured books about shamans and wise-folk that divined using bones, animal entrails, or tea leaves. It was all so fascinating. Though I’ve ended up using Tarot, spirit guide readings, and astrology as my main focuses, my exploration of all these methods helped me hone my psychic abilities and develop new skills. The important thing to remember is that tools like these help psychics channel their abilities but don’t impact the quality of the reading—just how you get the information.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Psychics develop their skills in a variety of ways, just like I did. The method we use to obtain our information doesn’t really affect you as the client—unless you have a particular interest (or aversion) to a certain method (like those entrails!). Psychic abilities are expressed in a few main ways—clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. The methods that an advisor uses are those that stimulate or work best with their particular psychic strength.

For example, my first psychic was mainly clairvoyant. Her “vision” was stimulated by the imagery of the Tarot cards. Palm reading utilized her claircognizance more—but the lines and patterns upon a palm were also a visual pattern she could read. Same with the crystals—while she knew the indications of various stones and gems, the crystals also “spoke” to her through her claircognizance.

My colleague Loni receives information through feelings and knowing. Much of the work she does with her clients is through psychometry—reading the energy of objects. Her focus is on clearing spaces and objects of energy, but she can also read for clients just by holding something that is dear to them. Could she read without these objects? Yes, but she wouldn’t be as accurate.

I have another colleague, Johan, who is incredibly clairvoyant and an artist to boot. He channeled visions of a deck of Oracle cards and then created them to use with his clients. The images he channeled were archetypal and spoke to him, allowing him to divine for his clients in a way that works specifically well for him.

Astrologers will learn the science of the stars—similar to those who practice palmistry or numerology—but sifting through the information and speaking to what is most useful is a purely intuitive practice. Their factual knowledge stimulates their intuitive knowing and serves their clients in a way that satisfies both left and right brain.

Is There A Way That Works Best?

I do have many colleagues who don’t use any type of tool, and I personally don’t rely on tools when accessing spirit guides. It all just depends on the person and the situation. Sometimes the client’s needs also play a role. For instance, I have customers who love the images of Tarot and get their own insights as we are engaged in a reading. They wouldn’t enjoy astrology or a “pure” psychic reading as much. But other clients need the “meat” of astrological data to help the reading feel anchored in “fact.” The quality of the information doesn’t change, just the method of delivery.

And, I have to confess, learning different modalities and using a diversity of tools keeps my work fresh and fun for me, and many other practitioners feel the same. But there is no better or worse when it comes to using tools or not. One type of advisor is not more psychic than another. I would invite you to sample many different kinds of readings to see what you like best. The beauty of a site like Keen is that there are so many great practitioners under one umbrella, so you can dip your toe into many different styles.

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