Love Expert Sara: Psychic Abilities Offer Compassion and Healing

Love Expert Sara

Sara, known on Keen as “Love Expert Sara,” knew since she was a child that she had intuitive gifts, but it wasn’t until later in life that she realized she was psychic. It was seven years ago, while having a discussion with her friend, that things changed. “She was telling me about a man she was dating, and I shared with her a bunch of information about him that I was sensing. She looked at me and said, ‘Do you know you’re psychic?’ Up to that point, I’d never thought of myself that way—I just knew I had certain senses that were heightened and that I was deeply interested in spirituality.” 

Sara’s friend was an advisor on Keen, and she encouraged Sara to set up a website and give it a try. At the time, Sara was working for a software company, but she decided to give readings on the side. Her accuracy resulted in high ratings, and she quickly gained more clients. A year later, she decided to quit her job and pursue a full-time career on Keen.

Locating the Source 

In her 20s, Sara spent a lot of time studying the metaphysical and visiting spiritual guides. She learned about meditation, the use of crystals, chakras, and astrology. She also earned a master’s degree in counseling psychology. “Becoming an advisor felt natural to me because I’ve always cared about people. I’m passionate about helping others find happiness and working with them to achieve their goals.” Sara’s psychology background enables her to get to the root of a client’s problem. “The origin of many of the issues we deal with as adults can be traced back to things that happened in our childhood. Combining my counseling skills with my psychic abilities allows me to find the source and focus on a proactive solution.” 

Sara finds her job most rewarding when she is able to help someone make a positive change. “I love when someone realizes that they aren’t stuck in a situation and that they have the power to take control of their life. It’s so fulfilling to show people how our thoughts create our reality and, if they decide to take ownership over what they want, they can construct the life they want to live. My goal is to empower my clients to believe in themselves and be open to new possibilities because that is how we grow.” 

Connecting With a Higher Self

Sara’s extra sensory perception heightens her psychic abilities by making her a clear channel for information. “When I do readings, I allow my higher self to take over. Then, I’m able to see and hear messages.” Sara has always been very good at picking up on specific names of people—either someone a client is thinking about or someone they’ll meet in the future. As a clairvoyant and clairaudient, she is also able to communicate with animals. “That’s something I’ve been able to do since I was a child. Some of my clients call to find a missing pet or to figure out what’s causing their animal to act strangely. And some even call to communicate with a pet that’s passed away.” 

It’s not uncommon for Sara to see angels around people or to receive messages from spirits of loved ones. “Angelic work is something that makes me feel good because I know sharing that experience is usually a source of comfort for others. It reminds us that there is something out there that’s bigger than ourselves and I like being able to connect people with that.” 

Sara also has the ability to do energy healing and can view people’s auras. “There are all sorts of things that can get inside our bodies and block us—whether it’s stress or an outside entity—it’s restricting and makes us feel stuck. I use remote viewing to see where negative energy is being stored, and I focus my mind on that area. Once it’s removed, there is an immediate sense of relief.”

Channeling Positive Energy 

Before working on Keen, Sara wasn’t aware of the strength of her abilities. “After giving more than 50,000 readings, it’s so validating to hear people tell me that I’ve helped them. And because of Keen, I’m able to reach so many more people than I ever would have before.” 

Sara’s honesty and nonjudgmental readings provide clients with a sense of ease and trust. “I’m very down to earth, and I always have my clients’ best interest at heart. I speak the truth because I don’t want to string anyone along—I want to empower people to become better versions of themselves.” 

Sara likes that, as an advisor, she can be a source of compassion for others. “We all struggle in this life—even me. But, when I’m giving readings, I’m able to provide a sense of peace and help people see that they are stronger than they think.” Talking with clients gives Sara a way to encourage people to never give up. “When we face obstacles, it’s okay to reach out for help—it means we want to overcome. I try to help my clients find the answers within and show them that there is always more out there for all of us. That’s what I feel I was sent here to do, and I consider it an honor. Knowing I’ve made a positive impact on someone’s life makes everything I do worthwhile.” 

If you’re looking for help overcoming any of life’s obstacles, advisors on Keen, like Love Expert Sara, can help.

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