Making Contact with Your Spirit Guide: A Meditation Technique

Psychic - Spirit guide meditation

Imagine if you had a friend to turn to, who loved you unconditionally and who was always there for you — good times and bad. Or, what if you had access to timeless, positive wisdom that went far beyond your own human experience? Sometimes, we are lucky to have those kinds of relationships in human form, but often we don’t feel that we can tell our best friends or mate everything

A spirit guide is a friend, guide, and wisdom keeper from the spirit realm who has agreed to help us in this lifetime. Its love is unconditional, supportive, and its guidance is invaluable. Help to contact spirit guides is one of the most requested things that clients ask me for.

Why Work With A Guide?

While many of us are blessed to have amazing human companions or spiritual teachers in this life, there is something special about having a spirit guide that is just dedicated to helping you navigate life’s challenges. Everyone has a guide — at least one! — and sometimes we have animal companions as well. 

But spirit guides can’t intervene in our lives unless we ask, so it’s important to make contact and build a relationship.

Working with a guide helps you feel like you aren’t alone. The wisdom it can deliver is often beyond anything our brains can think up, and the feeling that someone has your back at all times is priceless. It can help with relationships, career decisions, travel, spiritual work, literally anything. 

Spirit guides work with us at all levels: from spiritual newbie/skeptic to expert practitioner. 

The Meditation

Find a time and space in which you won’t be interrupted. Light a candle, incense, or whatever helps you set a sacred space. Take a few breaths, loosen your neck and shoulders. Turn your gaze to the ceiling, just moving your eyes to look up, not your head. In a short time, your eyes will want to close; let them. Your breath becomes slower and deeper, each exhalation taking you deeper into relaxation.

Now, imagine walking down a staircase with 10 steps. Each step you go down brings you into a more relaxed space. As you arrive at the bottom of the stairs, a wonderful vista opens up before you. For some this is a beach, others a forest or desert. It doesn’t matter. Just see yourself in this scene, and find a comfortable place to rest. 

As you sit under a tree or on the sand, continue to breathe slowly and deeply, and affirm that you are here for the highest good of yourself and your guide and that you are open to meeting.

Ask, aloud or in your mind, for your guide to present itself to you. Just relax and watch. You may see a figure approaching on the horizon, or it may just appear in front of you. You may hear it, rather than see it. Remember, it may be an animal or even a tree or other plant. It may be stones or a being of light. Some people do see spiritual figures, such as Jesus, or ascended masters. Just go with whatever appears. You can’t get it wrong! 

Once the guide shows itself, you can ask questions and just chat a bit. Save all your pressing fears and desires until another meeting. This is you and your guide’s first date — don’t get too serious right away! When you feel like you’ve had enough time with your guide, thank it, and release it for the time being. Then, visualize yourself walking back up the stairs. As you take each step back up to one, you will become more aware of your presence in the room.

Once back, you might want to write down your impressions. Some clients like to record the process and speak aloud during the meditation. Experiment with what works. If you feel like nothing happens during your ritual, don’t give up. Try again or begin to notice synchronicities or other ways your guide may be trying to contact you.

If you are very skeptical or defensive about the process, your guide might be a little shy, and not sure you really want to work with it. Be open, and keep trying. 

I’ve had clients make phenomenal connections on the first meditation and others who didn’t meet their guide in the meditation but later on in a dream or a solo walk in nature. The point is, the meditation shows your desire and intent to meet. 

Remember, everyone has at least one guide dedicated to their service and support. Try calling an advisor on Keen if you want assistance contacting or working with your guide.

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