No More Excuses, Be True to Yourself

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by Master Psychic Adam Stone

I hear far too often people who are unhappy with their lives, but they have countless excuses as to why they cannot make the change they need. Excuses should be let go! Those decided on sticking with excuses are always taking one step forward, only to take two steps back.

Changing your world is hard. Cutting people from your life is hard. Changing jobs, cities, or whatever you need to do to change your life is hard. The simple truth is that it takes work and consistency! None of this is easy and forming excuses why it can’t be done is, to be completely honest, a string of very convincing lies, nothing more!

Being honest with yourself is step one. “There are things I haven’t tackled in my world because ________________.” Fill in the blank with a truth. “I’m not ready to face that part of me yet.” “I’m scared!” “I would rather play the victim!” “I don’t believe in myself enough!” What is the honest reason that’s holding you back? Acknowledging your setbacks doesn’t mean you’ve failed; being honest just gives us the opportunity to change things when we’re ready.

Excuses are Camouflage

We’ve become experts at camouflaging situations and truths in our own lives. We are secretly covered in so much camouflage we actually start believing our excuses to be the truth. How toxic is that? Very! Far too many people live in their denial bubble, having built a life of camouflage.

We’re safe in the bubble. The bubble is our land of fiction. We project into our bubble what we want to see in the world. Our bubble is a perfect house of mirrors that projects what we want everyone to see in us, too. However, like any house of mirrors, we’re merely reflecting an illusion for the world to see. Who would really want to be an illusion? Smoke and mirrors only have one place, in a magic act, not in anyone’s daily life.

Reveal yourself to you. Take an honest look at where you are, where you want to be and the excuses as to why you can’t be exactly where you want to be. It’s time to shatter the mirror and pop that bubble!

Affirmations to Try

Try reciting these affirmations to yourself, to help you drop the excuses and start empowering yourself to live the life you want!

I choose to be honest and raw with myself. I accept myself for exactly what I am, no more, no less. I take accountability for my excuses and decide today to start ditching them and working toward the life I want and the person I want to be. I’m more than enough!

I choose to love myself enough to change anything I want in my life. I deem myself important enough to make the necessary changes for my world to become what I envision. I’ve got this, because I’m more than enough, I am everything I’ll ever need to be!


About the Author:

Adam Stone is a master psychic, medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, energy reader, and healer. Adam connects with spirit and departed loved ones to provide detailed insight into life’s hard questions about love, relationships, career, and life path. A natural born psychic, Adam illuminates what is unseen. Adam is a twin-flame expert.

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