Top 10 Tarot Cards to Put You on the Right Path

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by Psychic Sphinx

Each card of the tarot deck tells you something different about the journey you are on. Many of us come to tarot with questions about our path – if we are on the right one, what direction to take next. If you’re hoping to confirm that you’re on the right path, here are the top 10 cards to keep your eyes out for during your next tarot reading!

1. The Chariot

This may seem obvious, but The Chariot marks success and movement towards a particular goal. The Chariot proves you are taking action where you need it, and in self-help readings, it is a self-assured card. You will complete the steps you need to take to attain success.

2. King of Wands

Another self-assurance card, the King of Wands shows you will continue to follow your passions. The King of Wands is a leader, a bold person that is more than competent in their abilities. This card marks you being on the right path, and you already knowing that.

3. Queen of Wands

Similar to the King, this card oozes self-confidence. If you are wondering if you are making the right choices, the Queen of Wands proves you are finding your purpose in life. If you are not on the correct path, you already know what the right path is.

4. Six of Swords

After living through struggles & difficulties, you have made the adjustments needed to succeed. You may have previously been on the wrong path, but now you are moving forward in the right direction.

5. Judgement

Judgement is the wake-up call no one wants. When you pull this card regarding your life path, you will find enlightenment through the surrounding cards to help lead you where you need to go. This is a powerful major, one often overlooked. But one should never ignore the signs the universe is sending you through Judgment.

6. Ten of Cups

The ten of Cups represents satiety and ultimate happiness, it is arguably, the best card in the deck. Pulling this card shows your path is the one that will make you the happiest. However, be wary of pulling the nine of Cups. The nine shows you will get what you want, it might not be how you want to get it, and it certainly might not be the right path for your future.

7. The Emperor

Sometimes we do not think we are on the right path, when we actually are. That is value of The Emperor regarding your life path; this card is a sign that you have already had your spiritual enlightenment. A leader, and protector, the energy of the Emperor is similar to that of the King of Wands. This card provides foundational, solidified, structure for the future; this is a great omen to prove you are on the right path.

8. Eight of Pentacles

The eight of Pentacles is an action & result orientated card. Pulling this card to see if you are on the right path shows that you have been on this path for a while. You have been working hard to reach your goal, and you will continue to learn & grow. This card amplifies the potential for success regarding your life path.

9. Justice

There is nothing better than the truth & guidance of balance to prove to yourself that you are following the right path. You are using logic &  facts to understand how to lead yourself to success, instead of following your heart, you are following your brain. The choices you make will be fair (like a judge), you will see the pros & cons of your actions. Your energy is in balance.

10. The Star

Always a good omen, The Star is a positively-charged card. The Star shows you have been through a lot so far, but you have a good future ahead. There are changes coming in your life that are for the better, so go with the flow to stay on your life path. Have faith in yourself, you are doing the right thing.


11. Three of Wands: The journey has just begun, you’re off to a good start!

12. Death: Change for the future is beneficial for your success.

13. Wheel of Fortune: Lower on the list because luck/karma can be good or bad.

14. Four of Wands: A strong foundation of passion is a great sign you’re on the right path.

15. The Hermit: Personal growth and independence marks you moving forward.

16. Four of Pentacles: A strong foundation that you have built from the ground up. A lot of work ahead, but you are headed in the right direction.

17. Seven of Pentacles: You are working hard, but success might not yet be coming. Keep at it.

18. Eight of Cups: Sometimes seen as a sad card, you are moving on from the past to a better future.

19. Knight of Pentacles: You have the abilities to thrive on your life path, but you may be getting results slower than you would like.

20. Knight of Cups: The ambition is there, but you need to take actions to get more solidified.

Reference Materials:

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