A woman dreaming while sleeping in bed

Dreams demonstrate that there are few limitations on what we can perceive through the psychic powers of the subconscious. Through dreams we can predict the future, communicate with someone on another continent, and experience events that may affect our world.

Every night, our dreaming body (astral body) escapes the confines of the conscious world and enters a dimension where existence is timeless. We realize that we are connected soul-to-soul and to everything that exists. In this dimension, we are all psychic.

There are three types of psychic dreams, and they are quite common: precognitive, telepathic, and clairvoyant dreams. Once we are awake, these dreams baffle us because we define ourselves as separate from others and see events through constructs of space and time.

Precognitive Dreams

A dream that seems to have predicted a future event is identified as a precognitive dream. For example, dreaming about a friend you have not seen in years and then running into the person in a supermarket the next day or dreaming that you won a raffle days before the drawing and finding the winning ticket in your wallet would be deemed precognitive dream experiences. These dreams can predict good news as well as bad news – even death. They may be quite accurate in revealing even the smallest details of an event that will take place sometime in the future. Dreams of death are one of the most common precognitive dream experiences. Many individuals report an uncanny power to predict the death of a loved one days or months before their passing. However, those who frequently dream of death view it more a curse than a blessing.

In interpreting dreams, it is important to differentiate a dream that is precognitive from dreams that are more personal and relate to the constructs of the dreamer’s psyche. It is often difficult for the novice to verify a paranormal dream, since the event it predicts can arrive far after the dream vision. The dream experience may not manifest in the life of the dreamer until years later. For instance, it is not uncommon for a woman to have her “dream man” and future husband show up in a dream as much as ten years before his actual arrival.

Telepathic Dreams

A dream where we may have touched the consciousness of another person and have accurately revealed his or her thoughts, actions or life situation is referred to as a telepathic dream. For instance, dreaming that a relative is sick and discovering that he or she is in the hospital demonstrates our ability to communicate with each other in the dream state through telepathic channels. The dreaming mind may receive information about a loved one as far away as another continent or as close as the next room. There is no distance or barriers between two close souls.

Even those people who we are in constant contact with everyday have secrets they withhold from us. It is not uncommon for a wife to dream about her husband’s escapades and infidelity or a mother to dream that her son is drowning in emotional grief. The dream will render the psyche cues into a metaphoric storyline revealing the subject’s secret thoughts.

Telepathy is not confined to the human species. I have a friend who often dreams she is swimming with a pod of whales as if she is a member of the pod. The dreams occur each year during whale season on Maui, just days before whales arrive into Lahaina harbor. Her dreams demonstrate interspecies communication and telepathy is possible.

Clairvoyant Dreams

Dreams where we have psychically connected with an object or situation in the world are referred to as clairvoyant dreams. These remarkable dreams include dreams of natural disasters and noteworthy social events. Having a dream of an earthquake and waking to a special news report on TV reporting an earthquake halfway around the world can give us goose bumps. The dreamer’s clairvoyance in such instances is magnified. He or she has received information that may be very detailed and that is seldom elicited. Individuals who receive such information on a regular basis may experience a great deal of anxiety as a result. Some may turn off their intuitive powers or even stop remembering their dreams.

Clairvoyant dreams offer evidence that we are not separate from the body of the earth and that changes or disturbances in the earth can readily be perceived by the dreaming mind. Such psychic abilities are natural to those who are awakened to a hidden potential of the mind that is closed off or hidden during the normal waking state.

The night before the explosion of the Deep Horizon oilrig in the Gulf of Mexico, I had a dream that I was swimming in the center of a group of otters. They were distressed and covered in oil and I was trying to rescue them. The dream was both precognitive as well as clairvoyant.

There are some unique individuals who report having precognitive, clairvoyant and telepathic dream experiences with great frequency. An individual with such ability is a psychic sensitive. In a shamanic culture, an individual with such powers might take the role of a shaman/healer, using his or her abilities in service to other members of the community.

Psychic Spying

Some individuals have the uncanny ability to enter the psychic field of friends, acquaintances or neighbors and to dream about the intimate details of their lives. A common theme is visiting someone else’s house and exploring the rooms to discover secret information that only the subject could know about or riding around with the person in their vehicle. For instance, a year back I had a dream that my neighbor had traded in his pickup truck for a 4-door sedan. He is a single guy in is late 30’s and seldom dates. The dream was revealing his secret desire to find a mate and have a family. Most of the time, the dreamer has no conscious control over their nighttime wanderings and the spying is totally innocent. But some individuals have trained themselves to become psychic dream spies and use their power to invade the privacy of others, something that is never recommended.

Psychic dreams can be difficult to identify and most dreamers can’t differentiate them from their own personal dreams. An analytical approach to dream interpretation usually proves useless in determining whether a dream is a psychic dream. It is only the intuitive mind that can perceive the difference. By adopting an intuitive approach to dream work, one may more easily recognize the truth about a dream. Following up on hunches from a dream that is thought to be a telepathic message from a friend is one way of validating your intuitive powers.

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