What Does My Dream Mean?

Do you ever wake up from a peaceful slumber and ask yourself why the heck you were having a dream about falling off of a mountain, losing your teeth, being bitten by a dog, or some other scenario that took you by surprise? Or perhaps there were some unexpected characters in your dreams and you don’t understand why. While some experts theorize that our dreams don’t mean anything, there are others who believe in the concept of dream interpretation—which is basically the process of trying to make sense of the random stories that enter your mind during REM sleep when your brain is operating at its peak. 

What we see in our dreams is not typically a literal snapshot into what’s happening or will happen in your life. Rather, it’s a look into your subconscious mind. So, are you wondering “What does my dream mean?” Lucky for you, we can look to psychic advisors to help us make sense of our visions by conducting a dream analysis. Here’s a snapshot into the meaning of some of the most popular dreams people have swimming in their heads when the lights are out. 

1. Dreams About Dogs and What They Mean

Dreams about man’s best friend are typically positive in nature and more straightforward than other dreams. For example, dogs tend to be loyal so perhaps a pooch in your dream is representative of someone close to you in your life. On the flip side, if the dog is abused yet remains faithful by your side, this could be a sign to reevaluate your relationships, thus you may wind up like a battered animal. An anxious dog is a reminder to take your time regarding a particular situation, be it a relationship or a major decision. Envisioning a happy dog actually has a literal meaning: happiness! This is an indicator that you’re feeling good about where you’re at in life. Dog dreams can have negative connotations, however, so if you’re surrounded by a pack of wolves or feral dogs suggests you’re caught between a rock and a hard place with regard to a certain situation and it’s difficult to escape it.

2. Dreams About Drowning and What They Mean

Nothing like a dream about a near-death experience to get you in a bad mood. Dreams about drowning can represent overwhelming stress and anxiety that’s present in your life. Perhaps you feel in over your head and you’re nearing a breaking point where you will either sink or swim. Seeing another person drowning in your dream can indicate feelings of guilt or hopelessness that you can’t help someone in your life.

3. Dreams About Spiders and What They Mean

Creepy crawly insects aren’t exactly on the top of everyone’s list, but when it comes to dreaming about spiders, it’s important not to turn a blind eye. The web plays an important role in such a dream as it’s an indicator that you plan on utilizing your creative side—this is great news for those who rely on this skill for their trade. However, this delicately woven pattern can also suggest that you’re being trapped like prey. Perhaps someone in your life is manipulating you and you’re having difficulty breaking away from the relationship. On the flip side, a spider can represent a friend or loved one who is getting rid of the “pests” in your life, watching over you, and bringing good fortune your way. It’s not uncommon for this individual to be a female or maternal influence.

4. Dreams About Snakes and What They Mean

Snakes are one of the more complicated dreams to interpret because they represent several different meanings. For starters, the type of snake makes a difference. A cobra could represent someone in your life who is trying to charm you whereas a poisonous snake like a viper indicates something toxic or evil in your life. A boa constrictor suggests there’s a person or situation that is holding you back from taking action. The interpretation continues by analyzing the characteristics of a snake. For example, Snakes shed their skins two-to-four times each year. The snake in your dreams could represent a period of renewal in your life. And because of their shedding nature, snakes frequently represent wisdom in many Asian and Native American cultures. This means that the snake in your dream may be a sign of good things to come.

5. Dreams About Horses and What They Mean

Strong and beautiful, the meaning behind horse dreams really depends on what’s currently happening in your life. Horses that are frolicking around in an open field is symbolic of freedom and happiness, so it’s likely that you’re in a good place. Horses are also representative of male and female desire — the stallion has been heralded for centuries as a sign of virility, sexuality, and raw strength. If your dream involves taming an unruly horse, this indicates that you have the ability to gain control over your problems so that you can move forward into the future. Be wary of an aggressive horse as it can reference some turmoil going on within yourself, or even involving a loved one.

6. Dreams About Flying and What They Mean

Flying through the air could indicate that you have the desire for more freedom and are seeking some type of escape. This could mean you’re feeling trapped in a relationship or simply a monotonous situation or routine. Flying could also symbolize power—either you’re feeling as strong powerful as a superhero or lost, out of control, and powerless. Just like a bird in the sky, flying can indicate the ability to see things from a new perspective which can help you overcome obstacles in your life.

7. Dreams About Fire and What They Mean

You’ve probably heard the phrase “fiery passion,” and that’s just what fire dreams represent: the power and importance of a particular cause. This could be a potential additional revenue stream, job success, or finding your soulmate. Deadline, uncontrollable flames, however, indicate personal addictions, anger, or the togetherness of your family that has fallen apart. In this case, your behavior must change for the better or there may be a very real risk of losing that which you love. Flames can also be transformative and comforting and even though they are generally positive, they can also indicate a difficult change that needs to occur in order for you to have inner peace and happiness.

8. Dreams About Falling and What They Mean

Dreams about falling could either mean that you’re feeling that your life is completely out of control or that you are carefree and refused to allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the negatives surrounding you. Alternatively, the significance behind this type of dream could be that you’re falling away from someone or something and are unable to maintain a connection. These types of dreams can be very emotional, particularly for those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one or a divorce. 

9. Dreams About Weddings and What They Mean

Dreaming about your big day? Perhaps it’s a simple case of pre-wedding jitters. However, you need not be getting married in real life to have this type of dream. Weddings can also indicate regret if you envision yourself marrying someone who is not your current partner. If you’re single, attending someone else’s wedding or being the actual bride and groom suggests that you have the need for companionship. Sometimes weddings don’t have anything to do with marriage at all. There could be a hidden meaning such as a big life change that is causing you some emotional turmoil. Learn more about what wedding dreams mean here.

10. Dreams About Psychic Powers and What They Mean

There are three types of psychic dreams, and they are quite common: precognitive, telepathic, and clairvoyant dreams. A precognitive dream is like a prediction. For example, perhaps you dreamed about a friend or loved one you haven’t seen in a while and then you wound up running into them a few days later. However, dreams of death are even more common—many people claim they had the ability to sense the passing of someone close to them within days of the actual occurrence. Telepathic dreams demonstrate our ability to communicate with another individual (no matter how close or how far) in the dream state through telepathic channels. Lastly, clairvoyant dreams occur when we have psychically connected with an object or situation in the world. It’s not uncommon for these remarkable dreams to include visions of natural disasters and noteworthy social events.

11. Dreams About Animal Powers and What They Mean

Indigenous cultures, such as Native Americans, teach us that the animals that roam the earth have a great deal of wisdom to teach us. Just about everyone has had an animal power dream. From a shamanistic perspective, when animals emerge from within a dream the dreamer is initiated and meant to accept the attributes and spiritual power of the animal. If not fought off or chased away, the animal will lend its wisdom as “medicine” for the soul, supernatural power for healing, and instinctive characteristics to strengthen the dreamer’s personality.

12. Dreams About Wish and Fulfillment and What They Mean

Whether you’re dreaming of winning the lottery, getting a new car, or making a major career advancement (to include a new gig), these are considered wish-fulfillment dreams — otherwise known as your subconscious talking. Sigmund Freud was the first to identify dreams as wish-fulfillment fantasies. In fact, early in his career, he believed it was the primary function of all dreams to fulfill desires through which the dreamer could derive pleasure. Common forms of wish-fulfillment dreams include compensatory dreams, reconciliation dreams, and life fulfillment fantasy dreams.

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