How A Psychic Can Help You Understand Your Dreams

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“I keep having this dream where a man in a kind of knight’s costume approaches me. He’s on a horse, and he gets down and asks me to take the horse from him. In the dream, I always say, ‘No.’  I have some reason, but he seems really frustrated with me, then he leaves, and the dream ends. I’ve had it the last few months on and off. Can you help me figure out what it means?” Sonia asked.

Sonia and I had been working together for a while, and as soon as she told me about the dream, I knew it was important. Anytime you have a recurring dream, it means your subconscious/higher self has a message for you. Once you understand the message, it’s likely the dream will either stop or change. 

When and Why Are Dreams Important?

Dreams fulfill many functions. Often, they are the mind’s way of relieving stress or working out problems in the astral realm rather than the physical. Dreams are creative, and they often contain messages from the subconscious mind. Sometimes the message is obvious and comes in the form of a dream character telling you something. Usually, the message comes in a symbolic form, however, and that is where a psychic can help you.

The way I discern between a “junk” dream and a dream of importance is by the content, the way it feels, or how frequently it appears. Most of us have had dreams that felt important as soon as we woke up. Or maybe you’ve had a lucid dream where you were aware you were dreaming and could direct the course of the dream from “inside” it. You will likely be aware when a part of your mind is trying to communicate with you. I encourage my clients to keep a dream journal and write down any dreams that feel important, strange, powerful, or unnerving.

Dreams are not unlike visions you might have during a meditation or while doing psychic journeying. They may contain answers to persistent problems, hints to future events, or inspirations you can act on in daily life once you decode them.

Nightmares are less common in adulthood, but we still can find ourselves waking up, heart pounding, with powerful emotions flooding our system at any age. If you have recurring nightmares that are complex and multifaceted, there may be messages for you there. Though we don’t want to dwell on bad dreams, it can be important to understand them so we can make them stop and address the life situation that is actually spawning them.

How Can a Psychic Help?

With Sonia, I saw immediately that her dream images were archetypal and powerful. During her reading, I accessed her spirit guide team and inquired about the message. Her guides explained that she needed to step more into her masculine and claim a new level of power. The knight in her dream symbolized her inner masculine, and the horse was an obvious symbol of both power and grace. In the dream, as in life, she was refusing to step into this power. 

I knew from previous sessions that Sonia was hesitant to take a leadership role in her job, even though she was completely qualified to do so. I also knew she was passive in her relationships and that this was a source of frustration for her. The dream told us that she needed to take a more masculine approach to expressing power—confident, strong, but also disciplined. 

Her guides suggested she cultivate her inner masculine by choosing one of the Knights from the Tarot to focus on as an avatar. Sonia was excited to do this, and we looked at each Knight in turn. She chose the Knight of Wands. She started doing a quick daily meditation with the card and imagined herself acting as if she had his qualities. After a few weeks of doing this, she was indeed feeling more courageous and confident at her job. She was also more expressive in her relationships and felt comfortable taking up “space” instead of stepping into the background all the time.

Sonia did not have the dream again after our session. The message had been delivered, and she was acting upon it in a positive way.

It’s often hard to decode the images and messages in our dreams ourselves. An objective mind is helpful, and a psychic can contact your guide team or work with angels or other guides to help you see the meaning in your night visions. For some people, dreams are one of the main ways their sub and superconscious minds communicate with them. A psychic can assist you in making the most of this valuable resource.

Do you have powerful dreams you know are trying to speak to you? An advisor on Keen can help you work with dream images, unpack messages, and utilize the wisdom of your own mind. Call today!

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