Serenity Stone: Listen to Your Inner Voice

Serenity Stone

It’s not uncommon to experience lucid thinking and a deep sense of awareness during meditation or while in the state between wakefulness and sleep. In both instances, our conscious mind is quieted and our subconscious is more accessible. Some say this is where intuition comes from, while others believe it’s where our memory is stored, but Serenity Stone, an advisor on Keen, proposes that our subconscious thoughts are transmissions from our spirit guides. During her readings, Serenity connects with these beings to help her clients get in touch with their own intuition and address anything holding them back from fulfillment.

Spirit Guides and Our Loved Ones

An advisor on Keen since 1999, Serenity enjoys working as a medium and connecting her clients with their loved ones who’ve passed on. She believes these loved ones become our spirit guides. “Relationships are the most important thing in life and it is because of this that our connections with others survive beyond the physical state,” says Serenity. “We are all made up of energy and that lives on even when our bodies die. People don’t go away once they pass, they just exist in a different way.”  

Spirits usually reveal themselves to Serenity in human-like form. Serenity can then describe what they look like or the spirit may give her a bit of personal information to share with the client to confirm their identity. “Spirits hang around for a variety of reasons. They may want their loved ones to know that they’re still with them or they may have a message to deliver. Sometimes they’re confused and have a hard time letting go, but most of the time, they’re here to help.”

Clear Communication

Everyone’s spirit guides change over the course of their lives, depending on what their needs are at any given point. “If you’re dealing with a relationship issue, someone who had a big heart during their lifetime might show up to comfort you,” notes Serenity. “Similarly, if you’re facing a financial dilemma, a relative who was good with money may hang around to offer advice.”

Spirit guides try to communicate on their own, but without a medium to deliver these messages, it can be difficult for people to interpret the information. “Spirits tend to communicate by placing thoughts in our subconscious mind, hoping that we’ll listen. I always advise my clients to listen to their inner voice because it’s usually a message from a guide.”  

Detecting an Undesired Presence

Detecting a spirit’s presence can sometimes be unnerving. Serenity’s first encounter was with her grandmother, who appeared in her bedroom one night. “It really scared me,” she admits. “But, psychic abilities were viewed as a normal thing in my family and when I told my mom about what I’d seen, she wasn’t surprised.” Serenity’s mother advised her to simply tell her grandmother to go away if her presence was upsetting—and it worked.

Over the years, several clients have come to Serenity asking for help dealing with unwanted spirits. “More often than not, the situation is that someone doesn’t want to see the auras because they’re scared,” she explains. “In my experience, many spirits are just jokesters, but sometimes I’ll come across one who is unpleasant.” In both instances, she is able to assist with the removal of the unwanted presence by looking to see who the spirit is, if they have a reason for being there, or if they have a message to send. “Most of the time, they’re harmless and will leave if you ask them politely.” Other times, it may take a more forceful approach and Serenity advises calling her or another professional to analyze the situation and perform the necessary ritual to get rid of them.

Controlling our Connections

Serenity encourages her clients to connect with their own intuition in order to better understand the energy around them. “Everyone has the ability to sense and connect with their guides, but most people close it off because society teaches us that it’s a faux pas.” While communicating with our guides can never be forced, if you’re interested in making a stronger connection, Serenity suggests the following:

1)    Practice meditation regularly.

2)    While in a relaxed state, spend time listening to your inner voice.

3)    Be open to messages you receive through your subconscious.

4)    If you feel that you’ve received a message from a guide, thank them. That acknowledgment gives them validation and will strengthen your connection.

Although many of us are unaware of it, Serenity concludes that “we’re in control of more than we think and are entirely capable of letting in or shutting out the energy we feel in the universe.” 

If you think you’re receiving messages and are unclear as to what they mean, or if you need help in accessing your subconscious mind, reach out to one of our advisors, like Serenity Stone, on Keen.

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