Understanding Emotions and Energy Healing

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by Pure Visionary Emanuel Medium

Energy healing has become a popular way of resolving problems of all types, but the mechanisms are often not understood. In order to better appreciate it, one must understand how emotions are connected to energy. In general, emotions rule humanity, and destinies are often determined by the feelings elicited in every moment in life.

Why Are Emotions So Powerful?

Emotions are intimately connected to energy. Essentially, an emotion is energy manifested through one’s thoughts in each moment. So, feelings have a life of their own and occupy space within one’s body.

When people experience feelings, especially powerful ones, such as joy, sadness, rage, and fear, they act as a conduit by which one’s mind reacts to reality. Feelings color each experience and leave an indelible mark in one’s body.

That is why a breakup is so mentally stressful and physically painful. It is hard to forget a heartbreak, even after years have passed, because the energy of that trauma remains in the body, undisturbed by time.

Grief creates a coldness in one’s chest, and often stays there. Conversely, elation lights up one’s face with a smile, and leaves a lasting cherished memory.

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How Energy Healing Can Help

When feelings overload you, the excess energy is stored in various parts of your body. Emotions, like any energy, becomes stagnant and rancid if they are not discharged through some form of expression. In time, this impacted energy can cause imbalance in different areas of a person’s system, and in daily life.

Energy balancing is the act of restoring the emotional, mental and physical system into harmony with itself, through the release of blocked emotions physically and energetically lodged into various parts of one’s body, which are connected to dysfunctional thoughts and feelings.

Energy balancing can restore a healthier body, a quieter mind and a happier heart. It also allows for the greater flow of emotions through the system, which makes it easier to let go of stress and create a stronger resilience to everyday living.


About the Author:

Pure Visionary Emanuel Medium has been blessed with clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, empathic sense, mediumship and energy healing abilities. He has 17 years of experience in both secular and spiritual counseling. Emanuel serves others through his spiritual wisdom and practical knowledge of real life problems he encounters with his clients. His specialty is determining the spiritual connections between people and other individuals; these connections reveal important information regarding each client’s situation.

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