What Holi Teaches Us About Embracing Spring

By Keen Advisor: Maharani Rutan


What if I told you that spring is a spectacular time? What if I told you that there are people who celebrate a New Year in spring? What if I told you that spring is not just about lovers, but about people who love us? But, most of all, what if I told you we can literally wear spring, would you believe me?

Now more than ever, I give you the opportunity to believe that it is true and you will soon see! Spring is not just about birds chirping, planting seeds for the garden, or groundhogs emerging. It’s also not about what you have and what you don’t; certainly, it is not about who you have and who you don’t. It’s about what you have and how grateful you are for what you have. In the Hindu culture, Spring is a spectacular time. It’s a time to literally wear Spring for 15 days in celebration of Holi (Festival of Colors).

Depending upon which area of India is being discussed, Holi has been named Holika. It is a celebration of good versus evil, Love and Laughter, temptation and clarity, saying goodbye to winter and welcoming spring, but most importantly, to put aside reservation to the caste system and allow diversity into our lives.

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During Holi, many Hindus build a bonfire (representing good vs. evil), spray family, friends, and neighbors with colored powder and water (love and life), prayers and penance (Sacrifices and Spirituality). The celebration of Holi used to be a holiday exclusive to India (Hindu), however, it has now become a very fast-growing celebration of the coming of spring all over the world.

Hindu ideology states that we must not live in a material world, rather, we must be humble.  It is very important now, more than ever, to celebrate spring by celebrating what we have (family, friends, and neighbors), rather than regretting what we don’t have.

Let Faith Overcome Evil and Negativity

One of the stories in the Hindu scriptures depicts that, on the full moon in March, a King did not want his son to worship Shiva.  He challenged his son that if Shiva really exists then he will not burn in his aunt’s fire of energy.  His aunt was an evil Goddess of Fire named Holika.  As the son began his prayers to Shiva, Holika was burned in the bonfire by the spirit of Shiva.  This tale is one of the reasons why there is a Bonfire on the eve of Holi.

Love has no reservations  

The sweetest story depicted in the scriptures is that of Radha and Krishna.  When Krishna was young, due to the poisonous milk, he turned blue and remained blue for the rest of his life.  He questioned his mother why Radha (his playmate) was so fair and he was blue.  His mother said “Go paint her face and see what color she will be” so he painted her face purple/blue. Thereafter Krishna noticed that no matter what color we are, we are all the same.  Krishna was also very mischievous and spraying his gopis (groupies) with colored water to ruin their clothes.

Overcome Distractions and Temptations, Find Clarity

The story of Lord Shiva is probably one of the simplest stories associated with Holi. There is an old tale that the deeper Shiva meditates the stronger he becomes.  One day, during Shiva’s meditative state, Mandana (God of Love) decided to pull a prank to see how devoted he was to his meditation and Parvati (his wife).  Mandana decided to turn into a most stunning fairy and tried to entice Lord Shiva.  With his powerful intuitive abilities, Shiva could see that it was a disguise, become angry, and turned Mandana into ashes.  This tale is also associated with the bonfire of Holi eve.

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Dismiss Differences, Embrace Diversity

Holi is one of the most diverse holidays in the Indian culture.  As this is the one time where everyone is encouraged to dispose of religious, sexual, and racial reservations, and spring is welcomed with open arms.

Marvel in the Joy of this New Season, New Year

Most countries celebrate their New Year on January 1, but many parts of India Celebrate it in the Spring. Often, this celebration becomes a religious ceremony as people move away from the past to bring in the new.  In some southern regions of India, especially those that originate from Karnataka, Maharastra, Telangana, Andrah Pradesh, and parts of Kashmir, the New Year is known as Ugadi.  The celebration is one of exchanging gifts, giving to poor, and praying to have the strength to let go of the past and bring in the new.  Ugadi almost always falls on Holi day as the start of the Gregorian calendar. A few weeks afterwards, usually around April 13, northern India will celebrate their New Year in a similar manner.

As the New Year binds people of diversity, love and laughter is shared among all people, no matter if they are rich, poor, religious, or secular. Thus, India becomes a party country where the celebration of spring marks a beautiful symphony of blossoming, laughter, observance, open-heartedness, and magic.

There are so many people that have little or nothing, especially in third world countries.  Do we ever wonder, even through their own devastation, how they manage to keep a smile on their faces?

Spirituality does not come into our lives through external forces, rather, it enters through internal forces.  Holi and New Year does just that, bringing happiness and hope during our darkest moments. It is about bringing forth a new beginning, being mindful not to make the same mistakes, and letting go of our past.

Now is the time to beautify your environment, lessen the obsession, observe everything, and believe in miracles.


Maharani Rutan


About the Author:

Maharani is Certified Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theoretical Adviser, Sanskrit tarot reader, intuitive, clairalience, and divination through mantras and poojas. She has made over 18,156 accurate predictions and counting. At a very early age she was taught the skills of Vedic divination through rigorous religious teachings. She specializes in In-Depth Spiritual, tarot card and love relationships readings. Open your mind to unique prospective to finding whats best for you.

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