Why International Women’s Day Means So Much to Us

silhouette of women jumping

Across the world, women’s voices continue to strengthen and echo across the global skies. Every year on March 8th, we celebrate the contributions of women to the society of the earth. Whether it’s been a cultural contribution, or social, or economic, or political, the achievements of women have made the world a better place in which to exist.

We’re so proud to offer a platform that has allowed so many of our female psychic advisors to share their unique talents, start and conduct their own businesses, and find the freedom to live out their callings while supporting their own success. We keep in mind the power of the Keen platform as it not just helps people find guidance they seek, but transform the lives of so many in the process in myriad ways.

This year, as women again rise together to campaign for greater progress towards gender equality, we encourage you all to take a step back to recognize the many ways women have inspired you in your own journey. Whether it was a mother, a friend, a daughter, a colleague, a teacher, or anyone– a woman’s presence, skills, ideas, and contributions make all the difference in propeling us forward.

Today is a symbol and a celebration that helps to remind us of not just all the hard work that has gone into progressing the movement of women in the world, but a reminder to continue to strive for equality in every area of life. Every day is another day to create fantastic change that will improve the lives not only of the women in the world, but our collective communities of humanity.

Is there a woman that has inspired you in your own life? Share your own stories of the women that have sparked inspiration, hope, change, and magic in your life!

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