Which is Better: Distance or In-Person Psychic Readings?

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Most psychics have a combination of clients they see in-person and clients they serve remotely, either by phone or online. Although we may have preferences about how we see our clients, the quality of the reading isn’t affected either way. Psychic abilities work no matter where the psychic and the client are located.

How you receive a reading is up to your personal preference and what is available to you locally. If you don’t live in a location where you can see a psychic in-person, then obviously your options are narrowed to phone, email, or online readings. There are pros and cons for each, and I recommend you try different formats to see what you like best.

Distance/Remote Readings

The three main ways that psychics can work with a client remotely is by phone, email, or chat. Phone readings are very different from online readings—again, not in their quality but in how you experience them—so click through to those links to read about what to expect from each. 

The plus of a remote reading is that it can be done at any time. When you come to the Keen advisor list, you’ll see who is available for phone or chat, even if it’s the middle of the night in your time zone. You don’t have to book ahead of time, though you can schedule an appointment if you like, and you can have a session whenever the whim strikes you. 

Remote readings keep you anonymous, and some people like this. If you live somewhere where it’s hard to get privacy, then an online reading may be perfect for you. 

And, obviously, remote readings serve people who live in isolated areas, can’t travel to a reader, or are housebound for some reason. Even if you can travel, distance readings give you an opportunity to try different psychics from anywhere in the world.

The minuses of a remote reading are simply that you don’t get that one-on-one, in-person connection. You may not have a chance to really see if the psychic is a match for you since you are interacting via computer or the phone. But I find this is really a small downside considering how perfect this format really is for many of my clients. This is especially true if you connect via phone because that format allows greater human connection through your voices. 

If you aren’t comfortable with technology or talking on the phone, then obviously this isn’t the reading style for you. 

In-Person Readings

The great thing about in-person readings is the ability to build a relationship face-to-face. As the reader, I can respond to the body language and emotional responses of my clients in the moment. Readings just have a more personal quality. That being said, I do 80% of my readings remotely, and I have great clients from all over the world. 

The downside is that, for the psychic, you need an office space to meet in. Scheduling can be limited. I have a room in my home where I see people, but many of my colleagues share office space with other holistic practitioners and so only have specific days/times when they can meet clients. I don’t book “walk-in” in-person appointments, so there isn’t the spontaneity you have with distance readings. Of course, many psychics pre-book their remote readings, too, and some psychics hold office space and do accept walk-in clients. As the client, you’ve merely got to find  psychics whose schedule works with yours.

If you feel shy about sharing the intimate details of your life with a stranger and feel that being face-to-face with someone would inhibit you, then try the online method. 

Remember, psychics can use their abilities no matter how they meet with you. They can use Tarot, astrology, crystals; whatever their methods, you don’t have to be in front of them for it to work (except maybe palmistry—but some palm readers have clients send photos of their hands and read for them via email). There is no reading that is better than another—it’s all up to your personal preferences!

Are you ready to experience a psychic reading? Maybe you’ve had a phone reading, so why not try online chat? Advisors on Keen are ready to help you here and now, so dive in!

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