Why Oscar Nominees and Other Celebrities Rely on Psychic Advice

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Even if you’re not an avid movie-watcher, the Academy Awards is intriguing for many people. Perhaps you look forward to seeing the glamorous gowns and high-end fashion on the red carpet the hours before the show, or you sit in anticipation of whose names will be called when the envelopes are opened, and who will be handed those shining gold Oscar trophies.

No one is more nervous than the actors, directors, and producers sitting in the audience waiting to see if they win—even if they keep it hidden behind a studied and practiced cool demeanor. It’s a career-changing moment for many of these celebrity artists, and it’s likely that, through the years, many a nominee has found themselves drawn to the pundits, statisticians, and psychics who claim to already know the winner.  

Beyond the Oscars, though, there are many stars who use psychics not to guess if they are going to get a bauble, but for more serious, long-lasting decisions on love and their careers. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie, have been known to use psychic services for one reason or another. While they may be rich and famous, their concerns are not very different from yours or mine. 

Truth Be Told: Why Celebrities See Psychics

We might think that celebrities see psychics to be told, literally, that the stars love them. That’s not the case, though. Actors see psychics precisely because they can count on psychic guidance to give them the truth. The psychic doesn’t have anything to gain by saying, “Oh no, you were great in the gritty Garfield reboot!” A psychic relays the truth from a more powerful source and expects nothing in return—something that is valuable to a celebrity, whose life is often full of sycophants, hangers-on, and entourages.

When actors see psychics, they know they won’t be judged, and that information is told in confidence. This absolute honesty is extremely important in a world where a bad career choice can turn into a public disaster. Actors can know that the advice they are getting is unbiased, without any preconceived notions, and is rooted in a wisdom that is far older than motion pictures, much less paparazzi. 

In short, celebrities see psychics for the same reasons anyone does: For honesty, for unbiased truths, and to help them make their way through a confusing world. Even some of the biggest names turn to psychics for help. 

Brad Pitt and the Power of Making Smart Decisions

What makes a good career? It’s a combination of talent, instincts, advice, and luck. The idea of luck is altered, though, when you have good spiritual advice, like Hollywood superstar and 2016 Oscar-nominee Brad Pitt has had with famous Hollywood psychic Ron Bard. Pitt made his splash in the early 1990s, with glamorous, romantic movies like Legends of the Fall and Interview With A Vampire. He was destined to be a leading man. Even his turn in Kalifornia was dangerous in a sexy, but not terribly threatening, way. It seemed like he was going to be the romantic star of every lush movie for the next decade. There was little reason to take any chances. 

Of course, that’s how stars get burned out and typecast. None of that was for Pitt, who has been described as “a character actor in a leading man’s body.” Pitt’s career took unexpected directions, appearing in unglamorous and edgy roles in 12 Monkeys and Fight Club, balancing passion projects with the fun Oceans movies, and working with some of the best directors in the business. He’s been rewarded at Oscar time, as well, with three acting nominations (though no wins). As a producer, he has received Best Picture nominations for Moneyball and 12 Years a Slave, winning for the latter. This year, he is up for a Best Picture award as a production for The Big Short

While it’s not likely that a psychic specifically told Pitt to take that part in Ocean’s 11 or produce Moneyball, having someone who could help him see the truth about his life and himself influenced his career path. It set him on a journey of discovery, where he wasn’t just the sexiest man alive, but a serious actor and producer. It allowed him to find what, in himself, was worth exploring and creating. It is the kind of unvarnished truths that most people are scared to receive—whether they are starring in movies or buying tickets to see them. But they can make a big difference in helping you find the right path in life.

Beyond Careers: Psychic Advice For Celebrities Looking To Connect

As in business, as in romance. Hollywood stars use psychics to help understand their love life, too. After all, it is hard to know what is real and what isn’t for the famous, and stars rely on the wisdom of spiritual counselors as much as the rest of us. Cameron Diaz has been known to use a psychic to give her advice on her romantic life, and Sarah Jessica Parker has reportedly turned to spiritual counseling to help keep her marriage to Matthew Broderick on track. 

Angelina Jolie is another star who is very big into all avenues of personal exploration, using psychic guidance not just to help her romantically (she was rumored to be seeing one while on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith), but to guide her career and allow her to make the best decisions for herself and her family. 

Applying Movie Star Glamour to Your Life

Oscar nominees and other stars rely on wisdom as much as the rest of us because, well, they are just like the rest of us. They are people with normal feelings: hopes and dreams, fear, confusion, the soaring butterflies of new love and the painful dread of a relationship going bad. The difference is that their dramas are played on thousands of magazine covers and in every corner of the internet. 

Your life may not be as gossiped about, but it is just as important. It is the only one you have. Making the right decision about career choices, about love, and about how to get to who you want to be are the most important things you can do. It’s vital to have help, from family, from friends, and from counselors who really care. Just as Brad Pitt didn’t get stuck doing “moody, sexy vampire” for the rest of a footnoted career, but took charge of his destiny and became one of the most respected players in Hollywood, you too can make your life the way you want it. 

So when you have your popcorn popped to watch this year’s show, and you are waiting with bated breath to see if this is the year Leo finally breaks through, remember that the stars, just like you and me, sometimes rely on help from the real stars. 

Are you looking for honest, unbiased advice to help you navigate a big life or love decision? Psychics and other advisors at can help.

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