Budget Conscious Ways to Renew Your Spirit

With the stock market dropping and ordinary people desperate for work of any kind, problems with the economy can have a major impact on your basic enjoyment of life. It is tough to stay spiritually conscious when day-to-day struggles dominate your reality. Here are some things to do to stay happy with what you have and to stay on a spiritual quest as you build toward a future of contentment.


A life characterized by material success, such as possession of gadgets and other material objects, is looked upon as excessive (or even obscene) by most of the world’s major religions and among the enlightened founders and leaders of every faith.

Do you need a 72 inch television in your life? Do you need to pay over a hundred dollars a month for it? Consider other expenses that have become cemented into your way of living. When your material success is threatened by outside forces, know that ridding yourself of these trinkets and distractions might make you less dependent on fulfillment outside of yourself; it might even make you a better person.

Go Veg!

Beside the fact that many spiritual leaders and their most advanced followers live a meatless existence, being a vegetarian can also save you money. When done correctly, a vegetarian diet can be the central pillar of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, with all the delicious meat-free options available these days, there has never been a better time to make the switch to vegetarian.

One of the many blessings of vegetarianism includes feeling attuned and in harmony with the natural world. You will be eating the food that comes out of the earth without harming any fellow sentient beings and you will be at one with the world’s life force.

Give Back

When your budget is always on your mind, you may experience a creeping sensation of despair. You are walking away from anything close to spiritual development if you are sliding into the mindset of the pressed-upon victim and wallowing in self-pity. It may be time to consider getting out of your own comfort zone to help the less fortunate.

Is there a soup kitchen where you can volunteer? We all talk about spiritual values, but the sustenance of one’s soul is revived by actions that support those words. All the major faiths preach charity and to leave your troubles behind on a quest to lift someone out of theirs will take you to a better place faster than moping around the house.

Walk it Off

Welcome to Mother Nature’s free workout program: Walking! There is much to see in the world around you. A gym membership will keep you fit, but how many people drive to their workout? Instead of paying for a gym, walk around your town, get to know your world, interact with it once in awhile. In addition to taking pressure off your income, you might get even more exercise and be in better shape.

A healthy body, though, is only one benefit. Walking around town puts you on a plane of acceptance and seeing the world as it is. A regular walk lets you become one with the world, to embrace the possibilities within it and within yourself.

Be Artsy

Surrounding yourself with creative expression is about living in the moment. It is the opposite of sitting around and bemoaning your lack of funds. Go find some free music – it is everywhere! The more relaxing the tempo, the more relaxed you’ll feel. Learning who you are is accelerated when you discover what the music you love says about you.

Most art galleries are free to visit; in fact, most are desperate for visitors who want meaningful dialogue. If you make art or music, sometimes the self-involvement inherent in the artistic process can be a block to spiritual progress. Go sit in the audience. If you are not a creative entity, art and music will provide you with inspiration to emerge as yourself, more fully and honestly. Art and music have never been less expensive to experience in the history of the world. Grow your soul on a budget by filling up your life with as much as possible.

Share More

Living alone is a luxury. As long as you have your space, having trustworthy roommates is a plus. Having people with whom you interact on a daily basis can expand you consciousness, especially when they are positive people. If you have a limited income, combine forces and enrich your life with shared resources that benefit everyone. Imagine the money you would save in a structured car pool program. What if one of your friends has wireless internet and the other has a subscription to streaming movies. An interesting side benefit to cohabitating and sharing is its usually creates less waste too.

Equitably sharing access to these things is a way of cooperating on common goals – one of the foundations of all great spiritual pursuits. Put your aspirations into action. If you want a world of cooperation, make your own world about cooperation and watch your wallet thrive while living well in a community of likeminded peers.

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